B&B Review: Sir Scrapalot Designs

I only recently began following Sir Scrapalot Designs. I can’t remember how I learned about him, but I decided to review his blog because 1) he’s a he, 2) I only recently began reading his blog, and 3) he is not a full-time industry worker.

Sir Scrapalot is Aaron Morris, who is a full-time seventh grade math teacher. He also sells his own digital scrapbooking kits at his blog.

I reviewed Sir Scrapalot Designs from October 3 to November 3, 2010. Overall, there were 17 posts. The posts were surprisingly varied.

Two posts were specifically about time management, which could be applicable outside of scrapbooking. About a third of the posts were self-promotion type posts (a giveaway, a new blinkie, now a contributor at Simple Scrapper [insert link]). Self-promotion is necessary in the blogosphere. I bring it up so that you know what you get if choose to subscribe to a blog’s feed.

Sir Scrapalot offer a lot of practical advice on his blog related to scrapbooking. In one post, he discussed mental roadblocks to scrapping and making time for scrapping. Another post was raising awareness for Scrappers Give Thanks. (Anyone participating?)

Sir Scrapalot is also interactive. Morris is designing a new digital kit and is requesting input from his blog readers.

Overall, Sir Scrapalot offers a fresh perspective on scrapbooking. His focus may be digital, but his discussions are applicable to conventional or traditional scrapbookers, too. I suggest checking out Sir Scrapalot Designs sometime.

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