Scrapworthy Clutter

As scrapbookers, we tend towards the sentimental. A few months ago, Unclutterer posted about sentimental clutter.

How do you decide which sentimental items are scrapworthy and which are trashworthy? Some of the items mentioned in the Unclutterer post (e.g., friendship bracelet, napkin) would have been saved and placed in my scrapbook. Some of this stuff, though, should probably be trashed. My daughter recently started attending daycare and she brings home artwork several times a week. Part of me wants to keep all of it. Instead, I hand it on the fridge. Once the fridge is full, then most of it gets trashed. I bought an artwork frame to keep one displayed nicely (and is easy to change out).

I used to be big on saving all the “stuff” from vacations, etc. I still do save that stuff, but most of it ends up in the trash. I scrapbook very little of it. And for me, if it does not end up in the scrapbook it ends up in the trash.

What do you do with sentimental items? Are they scrapworthy? Are they trashworthy?

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