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Full Disclosure
I bought Journaling That Matters on Black Friday, but then won my purchase back during Ella Publishing’s Black Friday special promotion. So, I got it for free, but intended on paying for it. Ella Publishing is also an advertiser on this blog. I try to remain unbiased, but tell you this in the interest of full disclosure. If you decide you would like to purchase this book, I would appreciate it if you purchased it through the Ella Publishing link on the right. I earn a small commission through this link and your purchase would help support this blog. Thanks.

The Review

The books from Ella Publishing are all e-books. E-books are great because they are usually very affordable. I printed mine out so I could read it at my convenience. One disadvantage of this is that it could be costly to print if you want it in color (the book is only 26 pages, so it would not be too costly to print in color). There are layout ideas in the book (for each prompt), so some readers might want a color copy. It might be nice if people could have the option of buying a printed copy or a digital copy (or both).

The Authors are Trained Writers

I appreciate that both authors, Kelly Jeppson and Angie Lucas both have a background in writing. This fact makes them very credible sources on the topic.


The first prompt the author’s give is to transcribe a complete conversation. Now, I don’t want to give away all of their prompts, but this prompt struck me. As someone who has transcribed interviews before (for my dissertation), transcription is not something I consider to be easy at all. I really want nothing to do with it. Fortunately, the authors are not talking about transcribing a lengthy conversation–just transcribe a conversation the best you can. That’s a relief!

Strategies, not Question Prompts

I reviewed another book about journaling, Stories in Hand, here. The two books do differ. Stories in Hand is really a book of question prompts. Journaling That Matters is a book of strategies. A person could combine the information in both and probably never experience scrapbooker’s journaling block again.

Something for Everyone

I also liked that the strategies in Journaling That Matters are for both event-based scrapbookers and everyday scrapbookers. This book would be great for scrapbookers that are introspective and scrapbookers that are not so introspective.

Worth the Money

If you are experiencing journaling block, download this book. For a few dollars, you will gain a few strategies that can be used over and over again without being repetitive. Happy journaling!
Publishers and Authors
If you are a publisher or an author and would like me to review your scrapbooking-related book or blog, please email me at stephaniemedleyrath at gmail dot com.

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