Save 20-100% on Scan Cafe Orders Through Super Bowl Sunday

About a month ago, I wrote about backing up my printed photos digitally. I used ScanCafe. They have received and scanned my negatives. I just barely reviewed my scans online and deleted the ones I do not want (you can delete up to 20% of your order, so that way you don’t pay for photos of thumbs, dark photos, overexposed, and other problematic photos) ScanCafe will scan and repair your old slides, negatives and photos, by hand—creating a perfect “digital negative” that never fades.

Now, the reason I am posting an extra post today, is because I wanted to let you know that they are running a great sale this weekend. This was in my inbox “You’ll save 20% just for placing a standard scanning order. Then, guess the Super Bowl XLV winner (for an additional 5% off), the point spread (for another 5% off) and the exact final score (all scanning charges waived!). So you could save 20%, 25%, 30%, or even 100% off your order.” The discount code is GAME45. I plan on sending more of my negatives this weekend to take advantage of this sale.

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