Scrapweb: February 11, 2011 Edition

Here are the best links from the web for the week:

Understanding Photobuckets Terms of Use & Privacy

I have only dabbled in Flickr. I have never used Photobucket. I have been exploring using one of these services, and Katie provides a great discussion regarding Photobucket’s terms of service.
Scrapbooking on vacation with no supplies? Here’s how!
Lisa Kisch explains how she prepped a scrapbook layout without any supplies while on vacation. My favorite part of her post was the link to What a clever and easy way to make an interesting journaling layout.
Does Home Photo Printing Really Save Money?
Trent writes a blog that teaches people about personal finance. One of his trademarks is frugality and testing the economics of various frugal-tasks. Here he takes on photo printing. It should come as no surprise that printing outside the home is less expensive, while less convenient.
Designing Your Memories & Communicating With Color
Joey explains how to use a color. Though the post is ultimately geared towards digital scrapbookers, conventional scrapbookers will also learn a lot of useful information about using color in your scrapbooking.
iPhone Love
I do not own an iPhone. I do own an iPod Touch and have been dowloading apps since Santa brought it. Trish describes several photograph apps that look really cool! I have a couple of them already, but love how my iPod Touch can take such fun photos with the different photography apps out there.
Pop-up Palooza!
Eric has an incredibly unique scrapbooking style. In this post he shows he creates pop-up, yes pop-up scrapbook pages. His pages are absolutely amazing.


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  • I’m not a scrapbooking expert by any means, but I have a scrapbook dedicated to our travels to see the world’s largest attractions. I just posted a show-and-tell of my favorite pages today!

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    Thanks for commenting. I think we are all scrapbooking experts! It’s looks like you’re doing pretty good on your website!