A Sense of Community

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If you believe the media, we live in a divided world, however, scrapbooking brings people together. People are brought together as they share albums with one another. They are also brought together over their common interest of scrapbooking. Scrapbookers are united with one another through their common interest even when they otherwise have nothing in common. Scrapbooking can be a bridge to connect people immediately. For instance, industry workers report that their customers sometimes become their friends. Direct sellers typically rely on their friends to be some of their initial customers, but customers of all industry workers may begin as customers and then become friends.
Many scrapbookers seek out a community of other scrapbookers. This is one purpose of crops, which I will discuss in later posts. Scrapbooking communities do not just exist in real life but they also exist online. The increase in popularity in scrapbooking coincided with the explosive growth of the Internet. Some scrapbooking communities only exist online. Sometimes the online and offline world comes together, but more and more scrapbooking communities are being built online. Scrapbooking provides us with a sense of community in a world that is supposedly divided.
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