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Each Monday, I discuss my Scrap Happy project based on Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.
Taking time for projects is another way to lighten up and increase your happiness according to Rubin. Isn’t this something scrapbookers are already doing each time they scrapbook? You could take this further, right? Why not try:
Making non-scrapbook projects using scrapbook supplies? I really have little interest in using my scrapbook supplies for other projects. Occasionally, I do this, but I will not be making a plethora of home décor items with my scrapbook supplies.
Making a mini album? I am all about mini albums. I have a few mini album ideas floating around in my head and plan to begin tackling these in the coming weeks.
Teaching someone else how to scrapbook? My daughter is showing more interest in my actual scrapbooking. She is only 2.5, but now wants to sit on my lap while I work on my scrapbooking. This really only works for about five minutes. She also loves, loves, loves sticker books. And photos of herself. I see myself showing her how to actually combine all of this in the next few weeks. Maybe over spring break if not summer vacation.
Scrapbooking in a new way? This brings me to my newest project, Minimalist Scrapbooking. What’s that you ask? Well, stay tuned for more details about Minimalist Scrapbooking, which is a new series debuting on Friday.
So how does taking time for projects increase happiness? Projects are fun. We remember doing and sharing projects. We may even be preserving our memories as part of the project. Projects are doing. Projects are action. In order to be happy, you have to do happy.
Are you doing a happiness project? Are you doing a scrap happy project? Tell me about it below. If you’re not doing one, what’s stopping you? Join me today!
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  • Ruth Baldock

    After teaching school for 36 years, I am retiring in May. This past year, I have been working on a teaching career scrapbook which has not been easy. I have had photos, news articles, memorabilia at school, at home, etc. totally unorganized. I have been trying to make sense out of chaos. I am almost done. It has taken two albums and I may have to make it three. They are pretty big. Anyway, I have always enjoyed my job and doing the scrapbook has shown me that it really has been a great “gig”. I really couldn’t have had a better job. I have had great people to work with and some students who will be my friends for the rest of my life. God has blessed me.

  • What a great idea! I’ve been collecting stuff from my career and haven’t figured out what to do with it. I’m not sure I want to put those types of items in my family scrapbooks. I might just keep it together and start an album just for my career. Thanks for commenting!