Really Love Scrapbooking?

April is National Poetry Month and that’s got me thinking about how poetry relates to scrapbooking.

People who love poetry really love poetry according to David Orr’s book, Beautiful and Pointless (as reported by David Kirby’s commentary. This got me thinking about scrapbooking and how it seems that people who love scrapbooking really love scrapbooking. Orr simply used a google search comparing the results of loving and liking poetry. I decided to try this out with scrapbooking.

The phrase “i like to scrapbook” returned 174,000 and the phrase “i love to scrapbook” returned 244,000. Let’s try this with a slightly different phrase. The phrase “i like scrapbooking” returned 165,000 hits and the phrase “i love scrapbooking” returned 357,000 hits.

“I love scrapbooking” returned over twice as many hits as “I like scrapbooking.” So it seems that following Orr’s methodology (as described by Kirby in the NYT’s piece), that people who love scrapbooking, really love scrapbooking.

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  • This is so interesting, Stephanie. What a great idea to apply Orr’s methodology to scrapbooking. I have personally never met anyone who scrapbooks who doesn’t truly love it. Really, if you just liked it, why would you stick with it? It’s time consuming and expensive, so you kind of have to love it to stay, right?

    I see scrapbooking as being akin to poetry in that people’s affection for it grows with their understanding of it. We appreciate the meaning and beauty of poetry more as we “get” how it works. Similarly, the more a scrapbooker learns about design, color, writing, photography, etc. the more loyal she becomes to the craft. You don’t just “pick up” the love of poetry or scrapbooking one weekend. It takes some dedicated time, and so if we invest that way we must love it.

  • Exactly. I had never really thought about poetry and how there are similarities between it and scrapbooking before reading that article. Thank you for commenting.