Do You Ever Redo a Scrapbook Page?

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In my study, I found that redoing a scrapbook page is rare.

One scrapbooker talks about how she redid one layout three times before giving up on it. She does not redo layouts anymore. In this example, she redid the layout to get the look she wanted, not to edit the story at a later time.

A scrapbook page may be later edited to fix spelling errors or add details that are remembered later. Not all errors are corrected, though. For example, a respondent’s father started a family tree and one of the birth dates was incorrect. She included this tree in the scrapbook, errors and all because her father created it. She then compiled an accurate family tree to also include in the book and wrote journaling about the original family tree pointing out the error. She did not think twice about not erasing what her dad had written and correcting the tree, but corrected it in a different way.

Another respondent told me that she wants to redo one of the pages she showed me because she just does not like the colors. Others talk about redoing a page that is falling apart; here they are repairing the page, not necessarily redoing the page. Though Goodsell and Seiter’s(2010) respondent never redoes pages and is held out as the exception among scrapbookers, not redoing pages is standard practice. Redoing pages is very rare and when they are redone, it is typically for artistic reasons rather than to rewrite the story.

Do you ever redo scrapbook pages? Why? Under what conditions might you redo a scrapbook page? Comment below and join the conversation on twitter.

Goodsell, Todd L. and Liann Seiter. 2010. “Scrapbooking: Family Capital and the Construction of Family Discourse.” Bringham Young University.


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  • Julie Jeavons

    I’m not sure whether this counts as redoing a page. I have three strips of photo booth pictures of my Mom and Dad from before they married. I scrapped them last year for their Golden Wedding album and then recently again for a Glee Club challenge at Soulscrappers. I have a page I made some time ago which I look at now and think I would do differently – but I have so many other photos to scrap I doubt I will ever re-do it.
    You didn’t say whether you re-do pages????

  • Sue

    I recently re-did a layout and posted the Before and After on my blog.

  • I don’t think I have ever redone a layout. The closest I have come to this is making repairs to a layout when it has been damaged for one reason or another. There are layouts I would consider redoing but I have enough to keep me busy scrapbooking without redoing layouts from the past. I could see redoing a layout if something happens in the future that changes the memories related to something scrapbooked.

  • Thanks for sharing the link. I mostly said this in my comment on your blog, but want to share it here too. It is interesting to think that there are “good” reasons and “bad” reasons to redo a layout. I wonder under what conditions most scrapbookers would redo a layout? Hmmm…I think I need to do a reader’s poll!

  • Nat

    Nope, never have. Sometimes I blush when looking at my technique when I thumb through my scrapbooks I made from high school, but then I get over it and see it as part of my development (both of that time of my life and as a scrapbooker).

    I’m the type of person that once I write something, it’s really hard to make edits. I’m much better suited to outlining and being really sure what I’m going to write is the way I want to write it before I start writing. This post made me realize that I’m the same with scrapbooking. I’ll sketch and stare at something for quite a while before I go for it, and only if I think it’s “right.”

    *says the lady who’s presently sitting in bed sick and flipping through ideas trying to come up with a new layout*

  • Mandy

    I’ve been known to redo a layout because, while it looked good in my head, the hard copy just wasn’t what I thought it would be. I have redone some of my early scrapping stuff. The only thing I won’t touch in the “early” is my pregnancy scrapbook from my son. The layouts aren’t great and there’s A LOT I’d do differently, but I don’t want to risk damaging those precious ultrasound pics in the process.

  • MaryJo Materazo

    nope. i might fix misspellings or re adhere something loose but never redo the layout itself. my style has changed thru the years & products change & trends emerge but that’s what makes each & every layout special. i love to look back at my old layouts just the way they altho i wouldn’t do them the same way today if i had to redo them. make sense? i hope.

  • I barely have time to do layouts let alone redo them! I do look at some of my earlier ones and cringe but like to think they show how my style has developed.

  • Sue

    I would not re-do a layout just because my scrapping style has changed over time. What a job that would be! And also would destroy the underlying story of the evolution of my artistic process. So for better or worse, those layouts stay as is.

  • I might re-do one, and probably have, if I did it for a particular challenge and then didn’t like how it turned out. However, since I scrap digitally, it is much easier to change than if it was a real-life page. That is probably also why I don’t do much in the way of real-life scrapping. I always get papers and pictures and am afraid that I will mess them up. 🙂

  • Absolutely makes sense. Even if I redid my pages from ten years ago to be more like what I do today, I’ll probably be doing something a bit different ten years from now and then I’d think I have to redo them again. Better to not go down that path in the first place.

  • Emily Jane Block

    I’ve redone layouts. Sometimes I get overwhelmed or lazy and slap together a page or two, and then later I’ll go back and say to myself…wait, I can make that prettier. Often times, I’ll reprint hte pictures and just trash the entire page. 

  • Wow! I don’t think I could bring myself to trash a page, no matter how awful. That may be because I’m a bit too cheap for that. I should never say never though…thanks for commenting!

  • Karad

    Yup, but I have been scraping since I was 10 aka 17 years! Needless to say I have redone maybe 15 percent of my work, but only with-in the year it was originally put together. I have however gone back and thrown out over 30 percent of my pages Mostly of old boyfriends and such as they no longer add value to my books! I kept important life moments pages, such as prom even thought they contained an ex boyfriend. 😉

  • Oh, wow! I can’t imagine throwing away layouts, but I guess if they don’t make you happy or are of a past you don’t want to remember, then throwing them away makes sense. Thanks for commenting!