Use Poetry on Your Layouts

I realize it is now May and National Poetry Month has ended, but I have one more post on poetry and scrapbooking.
Obviously, we tell stories in scrapbooks, but does anyone ever write their stories in poetry form?

I challenge you to write your journaling in the form of poetry on your next layout.

Here’s my example:

My poem reads:

Sweet potato
Sweet potato
Sweet potato pie
Please be careful that you
Don’t get any in your eye

Yes, a silly song for my daughter when she was first starting solid foods.

Do you ever include poetry on your layouts? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.


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  • Irene Fitzpatrick

    Love it! Used to make up all sorts of silly rhymes for my children, but never used them on los.

  • Stephanie Medley-Rath

    Thanks! I actually made the layout and added the silly rhyme later. I used the rhyme when feeding my daughter but it didn’t dawn on me to include it on the layout until later.