Scrapbook Inspiration from Twitter

Last week, a couple of interesting topics trended on twitter: #childhoodmemories and #teenagememories.

It got me thinking about my own memories from these periods of my life. I’ve created scrapbooks for both time periods but they were photograph and memorabilia centered rather than story centered. I created the albums when I first began scrapbooking and wasn’t as focused on the story as much as organizing my photos and memorabilia.

These trending twitter topics (say that five times fast!) have got me thinking about my other #childhood memories and #teenagememories. What are other stories that I want to record but haven’t made it in a scrapbook? My guess is that if I started from scratch, I don’t really have photos or memorabilia to include. I toss most things that do not make it into my scrapbooks.

I decided to just jot down some of my memories and go through my scrapbooks from these time periods and see if I can fill in some of these stories in the scrapbooks I already have. I suppose this means I am redoing some layouts. I don’t know if it really counts as redoing the layout or just finishing the layout. What do you think? I think this process will work better than starting from scratch. I guess we’ll see. I suppose this is one advantage of using the Library of Memories system in that you just make the pages with less concern about where the story will be stored.

As I move through this process, I’ll share my progress.

What would you do? Would you just start another scrapbook album or go back and add stories where you can?

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  • Nat

    I also have high school and childhood scrapbooks that I created when I was a teenager.  They are definitely light on the technique and heavy on the pictures and keepsakes.  I don’t think I’ll redo them though.  The only thing I may do is remove a couple of keepsakes that I shouldn’t have put in in the first place (i.e. a balloon from a dance that’s now aged and sticking to the pictures).  I sometimes wish I could thin things out, but I like keeping them as a testament to how I’ve grown with my technique.  I’m probably even going to “bare all” and do a couple of blog posts featuring some of my really old pages.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I don’t think I would redo my albums (in terms of taking them a apart), but I do think I will add stories to them. I suppose I might move a photo around here or there so that a story could fit on a page, but I think that will be the extent of it. Another project on my “to-do” list! LOL. Thanks for commenting.