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Last week, we took our first major vacation as a family. We he had traveled by plane as a family before and taken short trips before, but this was our first big trip some place new that involved a cross-country plane ride. Another first for both me and my daughter was visiting Southern California. We went to San Diego and Los Angeles.

So how does this fit on this particular site? Well, remember a few weeks ago I took Ali Edward’s Scrapbook On the Road course and created a skeleton of a mini-album? This trip was the reason for the album. Today I am going to show you the supplies I took with me so that I could work on my scrapbook on the road.

My Supplies for the Road

My Supplies and Scrapbook that Travelled to California with Me

I wrote this post before our trip, so next Friday, I’ll share with you how much scrapbooking on the road I actually accomplished.

Have you ever scrapbooked on the road? Do you have any tips? Comment below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.

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  • AmandaE

    I’m not sure I am understanding the mini-album….

  • Understanding what I did to make the mini-album? Or why I made a mini-album? Let me know, so I can better address your comment. 🙂