Does Spending Money on Scrapbooking Make You Happy?

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Each Monday, I discuss my Scrap Happy project based on Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun.

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Today, I am going to discuss Buying Some Happiness. I was a bit skeptical of this chapter because we all know that buying something can give us a quick boost but it doesn’t usually last. Rubin’s main goals under buying some happiness are balanced. In fact they remind me of my daughter’s piggy bank, which has four slots: save, donate, invest, and spend. It might not be the perfect parallel, but it works for me.

Let’s start with spend or indulging in a modest splurge. Here’s what I came up with:

IPod speakers. I have an IPod but never bought speakers because I had an old set from my discman (remember those?). Well, I finally hooked those speakers up to my IPod but they were broke. I tossed them and decided to buy speakers for my IPod. I only spent about $20 on the speakers (they were on sale) and they are not the best speakers, but they do the job. I have them set-up in my scrapbook area so that I can listen to music and podcasts without headphones.

I bought an acid-free journaling book so that I could write my stories on the go. I considered just emailing stories to myself, using evernote, or something like that, but decided on a notebook so that I could literally tear the story out and add it to a page. Unfortunately, I haven’t told many stories in my journal and I have yet to add any of them to a layout, but I am glad I made this decision. If I were a digi scrapper, I would probably opt for an electronic version of this system.

  • I have plans to buy printed photographs of my daughter for family members. Most of my family uses email, but a few older relatives do not. For the cost of a couple of bucks, I can send them quite a few snapshots via the postal service. I have not been real good at this am getting ready to send thank-you cards for my daughter’s birthday, so I am prepping photos for those cards.

    One of the challenges of spending money to buy happiness is actually making time to indulge in your modest splurge. I have to take time to scrapbook in order to enjoy my speakers. I have to take time to write my stories in order to justify not only buying but carrying around this journal. I have to take time select photos and mail them. So spending money also means spending time to enjoy what you have purchased.

    What kind of modest splurges do you indulge in as it relates to scrapbooking? Do those splurges make you happy? Comment below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.
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    • Besides scrapbooking stuff itself, probably camera lenses. They are very expensive and I have to save a long time for them, but I get a lot of pleasure/happiness from them.

    • I finally bought another lens for my camera a few months ago and am so glad I did! Thanks for commenting!

    • Caroline Davis

      I’m what I would call an anxious shopper – I see scrapbook supplies as a superfluous luxury, even though I sort of view scrapbooking itself as therapeutic. The closest “real” scrapbook store is 45 miles away. I might make the trip 4 or 5 times a year, usually spending $30ish a trip.  Once or twice a year I’ll place an order at 2peas where I’ll spend between $50 and $70.   When I’m at the scrapbook store I’ll probably spend an hour or more shopping and sometimes feel embarrassed that I’m spending so little money when I’ve spent so much time looking.  For my online purchases, I’ll generally shop for as long as a week before finally committing to my purchase.   In both instances, the shopping itself causes some guilt and anxiety.  However, when I go to my stash and find current, fun papers to use, that’s when it makes me happy.  

      I will say that while ink and photo paper are way less fun to buy, I typically am more excited to make that purchase, because I usually put it off until I *need* it, so I’m more apt to use it right away.  There’s more an immediate spend/use payoff, so even if it’s less exciting, using it right away (and seeing lovely prints of my kids/friends/doings) makes buying more fun.

    • Rebeakh

      Looking forward to our blog hop!  Like you, I love sending a pkg  of photos from Shutterfly to Grandma.  She can’t get our photos online, so she loves getting a pkg in the mail.  I also like to save $$ during the summer and then splurge on a fun stamping/scrapping order once the kiddos are back in school and the garden dies down a bit.

    • It is hard to get physical photos sent to people. I really have to make a point of it. I ordered photos last week and forgot to order extras. I hope to order some more today or tomorrow and get them printed locally so I can get some sent out. Thanks for commenting!

    • I don’t think you should feel embarrassed for spending so little. I think it is probably better in the long run for a business because if you aren’t spending a lot, then you are probably more likely to use what you have so you will come back for more. If you spend so much that you get overwhelmed by all the products in your home that you don’t scrapbook as often or even give-up scrapbooking, then that’s not good (for you or the business). Thanks for commenting!