How to Scrapbook a Wedding After the Wedding

Natalie from Almost Never Clever, posted about needing wedding album ideas, so I commented about my wedding album, but thought I would share a bit more detailed response here.

It took me awhile because I still can not find the best conditions to photograph layouts in my house. I also couldn’t decide which pages to share. Sharing all of them would be a lot, so I decided to focus on a selection of pages.

Before you see my layouts, keep in mind that we had a slightly unconventional wedding. We were engaged in 2002. After saying yes, I told my then-fiance that I would not be a 20-year-old bride so we had a prolonged engagement. Finally, one day in 2005, I suggested we go ahead and get married at the courthouse. We called our parents and they joined us for our marriage ceremony at a courthouse in downtown Atlanta, with a bunch of other couples. It was perfect.

Most of my family and friends live in Illinois and my husband’s are a bit more spread out so we had a reception a couple of months later in Illinois to celebrate our marriage.

We didn’t take our honeymoon for several more months because I was going to graduate school and teaching so we waited until summer vacation to take our honeymoon.

The scrapbook about our wedding contains the photographs and memorabilia and story of our wedding, reception, and honeymoon.

Because we had a couple of months between our wedding and the reception, I scrapbooked all of our wedding photos and displayed that portion of the album at our reception.

I used this scrapbook as our guestbook, too. I cut up cardstock to the size of business cards and had people write us their words of wisdom instead of a traditional guestbook. If you do this, make sure you have someone who will go around and make sure people have at least signed one of the cards for the album (even if all they do is sign it).

We did not have a professional photorapher for our wedding or reception. We had those disposable cameras for guests to use at each table. I probably would not do that again. If I had to do my reception over, I probably would have hired someone to take photos and maybe create a group on flickr for guests to share photos that they took with their own cameras. The biggest problem with the disposable cameras is they do not work well in the lighting you typically have at a wedding reception.

And then of course, here are a couple of layouts from our honeymoon:

If I had a more conventional wedding with a professional wedding photographe, I would probably do a photobook of most of the professional photos and select just a few of those for inclusion in my wedding scrapbook. I would use the scrapbook to more tell the story and a photo book to more just show the story. Doing a photobook might be good, too, if there are other folks (like your mom or maid of honor) who would appreciate a copy of all the photos but would not then scrapbook the photos. After completing a more unconventional album (post of complete project to appear July 16) and a photobook of our recent vacation (post to appear July 8). I am really thinking my scrapbooking of “events” may have been changed forever. I am really finding doing both formats really appealing with each book having a slightly different purpose.

What about you? How did you do your wedding scrapbook? Or, how would you do a wedding scrapbook? Comment below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.

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  • Thank you for this post!  I really enjoyed all of your thoughts!  I think we are on the same page about a lot of things.  I already have a printed photobook that’s 100 pages long and I did smaller versions of that as gifts for family members.  I also did the card-guestbook-thing.  I’m not sure if I’m going to put them all in one section or disperse them throughout the book.  Expect several posts on this 🙂

    The last picture of your honeymoon layout is really appealing to my love of squares at the moment.

    I finally broke down and started to scan all my layouts.  They look much nicer on the blog that way.  I also put the layout on the coffee table and shoot it from an angle.

  • I had a lot of pages full of squares. I still do that style a lot (either fill a whole page, 2/3 of a page, or just a single row or column of photos)…to the point that I think I need to just start editing my photos to fill 3×3 and 4×4 squares before printing. I usually can just crop them after they are printed, but that doesn’t always work.

    I downloaded a scan and stitch software but gave up on it. My scanner lifts up from the side and not from and end so I could never get the layout scanned in the order it needed to be to work. What do you use to scan?

    I think my biggest problem is getting the lighting right. I’ve shot photos in different rooms of my house, used natural lighting, used artificial lighting, set the layout on a chair or on a shelf or the floor, hung the layout on a wall, I just can not get all the variables to work for me. I know once I get it figured out, it will be perfect, but I just can’t get it altogether yet. Very frustrating.

  • For the Yosemite page I did with squares, I sized and cropped the pictures before I printed them.  Sometimes it’s the only way to make sure that the part of the picture you want fits in the square.

    I don’t have special software, I just scan each page in two sections and paste them together in MS Paint.  The trick is to make sure your scanner isn’t set to auto-correct the colors because it results in the two pieces being slightly off-color from each other.  I put the page on the scanning bed whichever way it will fit and rotate it later.  I have been known to take a huge backlog of layouts that needed to be scanned to work and run them through the copier/scanner there because the entire page can be scanned at once.

    Do you use page protectors?  I can’t tell in the pictures.  If you do, consider removing the pages for photographing so you don’t have the added issue of glare.  I’ve finally found the best spot in the house to take pictures and it’s gotten easier.

  • I do use page protectors. I have a tendency to be very frugal with my adhesive so I need the page protector to keep everything in place! Now I try to take photos before I put the layout in a page protector because once it’s in, I hate having to remove it. Thanks for the tips!

  • I did a 20 page photobook of our wedding and my MIL had given us a book for the Wedding Memories and I used that. I now just scrapped the photos as I want to 🙂

  • Neat. I like the idea of having some prompts for this type of project, which is why I went ahead and bought a traditional baby album for my daughter. That being said, if I have any more kids, I’ll skip the traditional baby album because I have a better idea of what I would include and exclude. Thanks for commenting!