Do You Make Photobooks?

Do you make photobooks? I primarily make photobooks as gifts. It’s a great way to share a bunch of photos of my daughter as a gift to her grandparents. It does take time, but not quite as much time as a conventional scrapbook.

Well, a few months ago, I purchased a Groupon deal for a discounted Blurb book. I was curious about Blurb because they will slurp up your blog content and convert it into a book. I think this is fabulous for folks who are blogging about their lives, but think it would be neat to do for my own blog as well. Due to my own quirks, I would rather do this for like a year of my content instead of random dates. My coupon was set to expire June 27 and I couldn’t just let that happen. Instead of slurping up my blog, I decide to make a photobook of my trip to California. Because I made a scrapbook on the road for this trip, I was not planning on making a more conventional scrapbook about the trip, too. I also knew I would not be able to include every photo I would like to include because of space limitations in the scrapbook on the road. Most of my photos from the trip are landscape photos, which seem really conducive for a photobook. A photobook seems like a perfect addition to the scrapbook on the road.

As a happy coincidence I got an email from Blurb about a month ago running a promotion for affiliates (which I am) to create a free book. Now I really had a problem. Two coupons to use by the end of June, but only one topic in mind. I decided to create two copies of the book, one for the family and other one will be for my daughter. She is just now three and will not remember our trip. I don’t plan on ordering duplicates or making duplicates of everything just so she can have a copy, but since I had a deadline I decided to this time. I did make one change, though. For one of the books, (ours) I upgraded to premium paper and for her’s I kept the standard paper.

Here’s what I made:

Until August 31, 2011, you can Save 20% On Your Entire Order (Code BLURB20).

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  • Yes!  I love photobooks.  I have made them for myself and for gifts.  I love how photobooks allow me to organize and print my photos in a small space.  I like to include lots of photos in a photobook and then scrapbook some of the photos and stories separately. 

    I have been happy with Shutterfly photobooks, and am interested in trying a Blub book for my blog.  I watch for coupons and sales, so my photobooks have not been very expensive.  The coupon code above may be the push I need to start printing my blog into some photobooks 🙂   

  • I did like Blurb. It was simple. When I use Shutterfly, I use all the pretty backgrounds. I really liked just keeping white backgrounds with Blurb (I could probably do the same thing with Shutterfly). I also liked the options. You could have soft or hard cover or a hardcover with a dust jacket. I didn’t get the dust jacket because I figured the kid would destroy it, but how cool to have a dust jacket?! I also liked that you didn’t have to be online to create the album. I had to download a program to create the album, but then if my internet was down, no problem. And, no issue navigating the site to find the album I was in the middle of creating. Let me know if you end up printing your blog into a book. I have seen that done before, but it’s been awhile.