My May and June Scrapbooking Expenses

A few weeks ago, I told you how much I spent on scrapbooking during April. I spent $195.06. I actually spent $225.06. I forgot to include $30 for willette’s photographer bag o’ tricks and willette portrait cookbook: children’s posing guide. April was expensive! I have spent much less since then.

In May, I purchased an L-ruler, which cost about $3 (I lost my receipt). I also purchased 20 postcards and 3 patches during our trip to include in my scrapbook. I did not always get a receipt and didn’t think to closely track these purchases, but I think I spent about $17 for these items. I also bought a Paperclipping membership for $49. So in May, I spent $69.

In June, I did spend more than I did in May. My biggest expense was Washi tape. I had been wanting to try some, so I ordered some off of Etsy. That cost me $10.25. My other big expense was photos and photobooks. Here’s what else I bought:

  • Two 8×8 photobooks from Shutterfly for gifts $8.79 each (only paid for shipping as I had coupons for free books..a savings of $29.95 on each book)
  • Two 8×10 photobooks from Blurb $11.98 and $9.94 (I had two coupons that saved me $50 and $40. The price difference reflects the different paper I purchased for each book).
  • Prints. I spent $7.75 on prints from Shutterfly (I had a $30 coupon and free shipping) for myself and I spent $5.32 on prints from CVS for gifts.
  • I spent $8.04 at my local scrapbook store. I bought 3 yards of ribbon and scrappers floss that was on sale and I bought 30 12×12 sheets of chipboard to make my own mini-books.
  • Three e-books from Ella Publishing Co. for $13.47.

June’s grand total: $74.08. Without the coupons, it would have cost $240.51. I would not have bought the shutterfly or blurb books without the coupon at this time. I would have done something else for gifts. I probably would have eventually made a photobook about our vacation, but I don’t know if I would have went through Blurb or not. Now that I have used them, I most likely, would use them again.

So for those of you keeping track, here’s what I’ve spent since I started keeping track:
April: $225.06
May: $69
June: $74.08
Total: $368.14 (including $22.90 that was for gifts)

That’s still $122.71 a month on scrapbooking. This is definitely hard. I want a book-binding machine, but that would keep my average quite high. I suppose I’ll ask for it for my birthday or just do without for a bit longer to get my monthly average down.

How much do you budget each month for scrapbooking? Comment below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.

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  • I don’t have a budget for scrapbooking/stamping supplies, but I do try to limit my spending.  I went to Michael’s on my lunch hour and managed to spend $30, but some of that was for my son.  My family was nice enough to buy me some crafty gifts for my birthday last month, which helped.  They hard thing about craft spending is how fast the little things add up.  Maybe I should track my spending more…  

  • I’m not really “budgeting” so much as just really thinking about every purchase. July has been frustrating because I had to either buy a new paper trimmer or put in a larger order to justify shipping to get a blade refill (I thought I had a refill, but evidently used it). I opted for buying a fiskars trimmer so that I could buy refill blades in stores or at least more places online. The nearest LSS is about 30 minutes away and the nearest Hobby Lobby is about 40 minutes. I ended up ordering online because I wasn’t going in either of those directions anytime soon (again, trying to save money by limiting my driving this summer). Of course, even then, if you spend $50 you get free shipping. Well, with the trimmer and refills, you are already so close it’s kind of sill to pay for shipping. So July’s purchases have really added up thanks to that darn trimmer.