A Simplified Week in the Life

I was super-excited when Ali Edwards chose the summertime to do Week in the Life. I knew if it were during the spring, fall, or winter I would not be able to participate due to work. Unfortunately, my summer to-do list is probably only about halfway finished and I have about four weeks before my fall semester begins.

I added a blog badge announcing I would be joining in, but took it down because I thought I wouldn’t participate during the actual week with Ali. And then I thought, there is no way. I am working on a Summer Stories project and am prepping another travel scrapbook for a trip I am taking in August. How on earth am I going to squeeze in a Week in a Life?

Time for a new strategy. Yesterday, I decided, yes I will participate. I had already been brainstorming ways to simplify the process. I built my album yesterday.

My goal is to record in writing 3-5 things each day.
I am taking photos, but am not photographing everything. I am opting to use my Ipod touch to take my photos. I will not be doing any post-process editing of photos as I would be doing if I used my DSLR.

What I write and what I photograph might be two different things.

I started with this album from Russel + Hazel:

I decided to stick with an orange theme to go along with the album. I made a two page framework for each day of the week and will add an additional page for any days if needed.

You can view the rest of the framework on flickr.

Are you participating in Week in the Life? What is your strategy for completing the project? Comment below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.

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  • Colleen Donathan

    Yep, I am definitely participating in the Week in the Life project.  Actually, that’s how I found you – I saw your link on Ali’s Monday post, and was curious to see what a “simplified” version would look like.  Last year, I intentionally took tons of pictures and wrote tons of notes throughout the day…but that just didn’t feel appealing this year.  So instead,  I’m approaching it from a , “oh, that’s a neat picture” perspective.  Which is actually similar to how I photograph daily life anyways.  For the journaling, I’m using Ali’s PDF, which will be a thoughtful supplement to my detailed daily planner. 

    Does it mean less to work with at the end of the week?  Yeah.  But right now, with a Fall semester quickly approaching, I am very much in a place of “less is more.”  =)

  • Agreed. I do think Ali’s PDF could be really helpful, but I don’t even want to document that much detail even it is just for me to discard or file away later. Maybe next year, I’ll do more detail. Yesterday, I took around 30 photos. I contemplated creating a digi template for extra photos and printing several photos on a page to slip in between my main days, but I don’t think I’m going to do that. I think I’ll just select 1-5 photos (and resize to fit in the album) and leave at that. I don’t mind that I might be “missing” something. I think the whole practice makes us more aware of our day to day lives even if we don’t record it all. Thanks for commenting! 

  • I was hesistant to participate due to my busy summer work schedule, but I am giving it a try.  I am trying to blog each day and then may make a photo book after the week.  I am not taking a ton of photos, but I am still taking more than usual.  I am really focusing on our everyday lives.   

    Do you like the iPod Touch?  I have thought about it while I wait for the iPhone to come to Sprint. 

  • Well, iPod Touch works well because I can keep it in my pocket and take better photos than I can with my cell phone. The problem I am running into is that I am draining the battery because I am using it so much. I have to go charge it at least once a day during the day, so then I’m not taking photos of anything of interest during that time. Other than that, I think it works really good for this project. I am hoping to get an iPhone and because I am using the touch so often right now, I can definitely justify the expense. 🙂 You could probably take using the touch or iphone even further and use evernote or momento to record your daily stories along with photos.