Using Instagram and an iPod Touch for a Week in the Life

I mentioned yesterday how I am using my iPod Touch along with the Instagram app to take my Week in the Life photos.

I downloaded the app shortly after buying my iPod Touch last December but really only started using it a couple of weeks ago.

The Good:
I can take photos discretely. For instance, this morning I took a photo of my laptop and chai in a coffee shop without anyone being the wiser.

I can keep my iPod Touch in my pocket to take a photo at a moment’s notice, even while pushing a shopping cart.

I use my iPod Touch when I run. This worked out great as I made a point to take a photograph during each of my runs this week.

The filters are a nice twist to this project. I am taking the kinds of photos that can be challenging to scrapbook. By keeping all my Week in the Life photos as filtered Instagram photos, I can keep a consistent theme throughout the project.

I can take photos of my sleeping daughter without waking her up.

I don’t have to change any settings when I hand my iPod Touch to my husband for him to take a photo.

It is even easier to hand my iPod Touch to my three-year-old daughter so that she can take photos.

It is really easy to take self-portraits with this camera.

Instagram is a free app.

The Bad:

  • If I actually had any followers on Instagram, they would probably be unfollowing me right about now because of the dozens of photos I am taking each day and the fact they get uploaded in huge bunches (keep reading).
  • The Internet drains the battery. I am slowing reaching the point of justifying the expense of an iPhone and a data plan. I currently have a semi-smart phone but am too cheap to purchase a data plan. I think I will be getting an iPhone and a data plan when my contract is up.
  • Because the Internet drains the battery, I keep it turned off most of the day and connect and upload the photos a couple of times a day.
  • I have to go back and add filters to photos because sometimes I want to take several photos rather quickly, which does not enable adding filters right then and there.
  • I’m pretty sure using the camera as much as I am is also draining the battery. I’ve had to stop and charge my touch during the middle of the day on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Overall, I am happy with my choice to use my iPod Touch and Instagram to help document a Week in the Life. It is keeping it simple and low pressure. I might do something different next year, but this is working well for me.

    Are you using any apps to assist with a Week in the Life? Comment below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.

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    • I love this simple approach! 🙂 I wish I had a smart phone lol – mine are dead as detailed in my video blog

      but I’ve snapped a couple of tiny ones on my 5 year old phone – I’ll see how they come out! 🙂

    • Ellie Augustin

      I wish to upgrade my little Ipod touch gen 1 as I REALLYwant to have some fun w/the instagram. I bet I would have to be charging all day long because well I love taking pics. I actually have a pre-paid phone  which does have a camera but a SUPER bad ha. So I have been using my DSLR to take my Week in the Life pics I’ve done ok. I started my week Last Saturday so tomorrow is my last day & today was the only day I really didn’t get picture happy since I wasn’t feeling to well. So today life it up! lol

    • What’s kind of funny is the reason I bought a DSLR was because of my daughter (well I probably would have eventually bought one). Once she was old enough to roll around and crawl around, the camera I had was not fast enough. Now, she is probably the biggest reason the DSLR would have been a bit more inconvenient for this project. Whenver I get it out, she wants to try to take pictures with it. I let her and encourage her, but I could not deal with that all week. With the Touch, I can hand it off to her and don’t have quite the fears of her dropping it as I do with the DSLR. She is careful with both but for a three-year-old, a DSLR is a little much for her to handle. 🙂