A Passion for Enjoyment or Love to have Fun

If you create many layouts of children, you have probably run into the challenge of telling the story in different ways.

I have a tendency of saying “you love to” or “you had so much fun.” Of course, I believe my daughter loves whatever it is I am claiming she loves and is having fun doing whatever she is doing. But, if I say you love this and have so much fun doing this, it doesn’t seem as special anymore.

Time to pull out the thesaurus.

I thought I would share some synonyms for my two most used words:


  • laugh
  • pleasure
  • enjoy
  • amusement
  • diversion
  • merriment
  • blast
  • play


  • idolize
  • delight
  • beloved
  • sweetheart
  • cherish
  • amour
  • adore
  • passion
  • fondness

So you might have to rephrase how you might say something on a layout to use some of these synonyms, but I’m already more inspired to tell my story in a slightly different way.

What words do you use the most on your scrapbook layouts? Comment below or join the conversation on facebook or twitter.

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