My Week in the Life Album is Complete

I finished my Week in the Life album!

I built my background pages before the week began so that I could write my journaling directly during the week. I used my iPod Touch to take my photos. My goal was to just record 3-5 things from each day. I had no intent of recording everything. I tried to journal each evening.

I am glad i opted to use Instragram to take my photos on my iPod Touch. It was convenient and fun. I also like that they are designed to be printed small so I could include a lot of photos. Some pages are almost all photos!

I think I will participate in a Week in the Life again next year. I might do it differently, though. I might just focus on the food we eat or the places we go or something like that. Maybe each day, I’ll focus on a different topic. I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll just do the same thing. Either way, I’m glad I participated this year. Here are my layouts:


Monday 1

Monday 2


Wednesday 1

Wednesday 2

Thursday 1

Thursday 2





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  • Tashia Doyle

    I love the Instgrams! Very cool idea!

    Tashia @ htt://homeinspired

  • Thank you!