My October Expenses

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It’s time again for my monthly report of scrapbooking expenses.

  • I spent $26.06 at my local scrapbok store. I bought calendar pieces for a gift, glue (I was out), one sheet of alphas, and the rest was ribbon. I love ribbon. about half of my bill went to ribbon.
  • I bought book binding rings for $8.27 to finish an album. Unfortunately, they were smaller than described. I’m just going to keep them because I will eventually use them, but I still need one two-inch size book binding ring.
  • I upgraded to a pro-Flickr account for $24.95. I want to back-up all my digital photos to Flickr. I also have been using Flickr more to share projects I’ve been working on and had maxed out on the number of uploads I could view with the free account.
  • I paid $10 for my monthly membership to Get it Scrapped.
  • I bought Design Workshop from Ella Publishing $4.13 (there was a coupon).

I spent $73.44 in October. This brings my monthly average down to $83.36.

In November, I know I have to order some prints and I still need to find 2″ book binding rings. Other than that, I do not plan on making any other purchases. I do have my membership to Get it Scrapped. I will decide in a couple of weeks whether to keep it or not. It all depends on how much I use the membership in the next couple of weeks.

All in all, I’m not thrilled with how much I spent in October, especially my splurge at my local scrapbook store. I have ribbon and the ribbon I bought is beautiful and part of it has already been used, but I also didn’t need it.

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  • I also blogged about my October expenses.  I had some splurges and found some good deals too.  I also got Design Workshop 🙂

  • Thank you for commenting on my blog.  Yes, Copics are expensive!  I am slowly building my collection.  They can be used with colored pencils (use the marker first then the pencil), which cost less.  I find coloring relaxing, so it is worth the cost for me.