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I signed up for a Membership in May. I don’t think I watched a single video until August. And then I only watched one or two videos.

My problem is that I think I need to watch every episode in order to get my money’s worth.

I decided to set-up iTunes so that only the last ten unwatched episodes will sync to my iPad. Now it is not so intimidating to start watching.

I decided to write a Books & Blogs review based on four episodes. I watched episodes dated October 27 and 14, 2011 and August 22 and 31, 2011. These episodes were selected because they were recent and I hadn’t watched them yet.

In episode 180, Noell showed viewers how to use Tim Holtz products. I don’t have many Tim Holtz products and am not a Tim Holtz fan-girl, but I finally understand the appeal of his distress inks. I own one distress ink, but rarely use it. Evidently it would be even more useful if I had a blending tool. I will go add that to my Christmas list. I will say this, at first I was not happy to be paying for what first appears to be just a commercial for Tim Holtz products, but the thing is, that some of the ideas could be used with other products.

In episode 179, Noell showed viewers how to balance journaling on a page. She provides several different tips. I think that is what is great about these videos. Noelle shows several tips or ideas about the given topic.

The episodes from August 22 and 31 went together. They were about transforming your albums into unified stories in your albums. Here, viewers learned what to do with odd-shaped layouts and see-through layouts. I don’t often use these types of layouts but am glad to have some new ideas to work with.

Overall, I am happy with my membership. I may never get all the videos watched, but that’s ok. I will most likely renew my membership even if I don’t ever watch another video because I love the Roundtable podcast and want to continue supporting the free podcast.

Overall, a membership is money well spent. The quality is fantastic. The videos are mostly 8-12 minutes long (perfect time when waiting somewhere with time to fill). Noell is flawless as well. There are no ums or likes or long awkward pauses (all of which would be present in a video tutorial by me). Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually watch the rest of the episodes.

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  • Stephanie

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    • I am a very pleased with my membership at and really like the Paperclipping Roundtable episodes. 

    • Thanks for commenting! Glad to hear other’s feedback.

    • Like you, I enjoy the membership but have not watched all of the videos.  I used to subscribe to a couple of magazines, but now prefer online content.  I bet I would watch more videos with an iPad, so I am working on that 🙂

    • Julie J

      I’m not a big Tim Holz fan either, but using distressing ink to ink the edges of papers marked a step up in my LOs.  And the blending tools are definitely worth it.  Until Santa arrives you can use a make-up sponge instead.

    • Good tip! I do have some make-up sponges gathering dust in a closet somewhere. Thanks for sharing!

    • I watch them more in the car. I have an iPad, but I only have the wi-fi version. I try to update my Reader app and NY Times app before I leave the house, but for longer car rides, I usually get through those materials. Then I will watch a couple videos. I know I would not watch if I had to watch on my laptop. I rarely am doing just one thing on my laptop and the videos would force me to do only one thing. Thanks for commenting and good luck with getting an iPad!

    • Oh this is an awesome idea Julie I will have to try it. I actually loved the Tim Holtz episode – I like the bright take on the vintage techniques

    • Thanks for commenting!