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The next keeping a contented heart task is using good manners. I’ve thought a little bit about how this would apply to people who scrapbook with others and to people who scrapbook alone.

If you are cropping with others:

  • Take an interest in what your fellow scrapbookers are created.
  • Share your tools. Show your fellow scrapbookers how to use tools they don’t know how to use.
  • Share your supplies.

If you crop alone, you can still use good manners:

  • Engage with other scrapbookers in other ways. Ask them what they are scrapbooking.
  • Share your supplies. Give unwanted supplies to a fellow scrapbooker or organize a supply swap.
  • Ask your scrapbooking friends, if the will share their scrapbooks with you.

I think the best manner to have as a scrapbooker is asking your fellow scrapbooker about his or her scrapbooking. It’s not always easy to remember to do, but I think most scrapbookers want to talk about it with someone who appreciates it.

Do you have any suggestions for using good manners as a scrapbooker? Join the conversation below by commenting!

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