Top 21 Holiday Gifts for Scrapbookers


I am using Log Your Memory’s Memory Logbook and Real Life Scrapbooking Weekly Challenges: Time Capsule as part of my Project Life in 2012. I opted for the downloadable version, but if I were buying them as a gift, I would probably get the printed copy unless I really knew that the scrapbooker would want to assemble the book herself (or himself).


I have been pleased with my Membership. See my review here.


I have not yet fully explored the Simple Scrapper Premium Membership, but I am really happy about the private facebook group. I think the facebook group alone is worth the membership price.


I like the e-books from Ella Publishing. My favorite is Quick & Creative Quizzes. See my review here.


We R Memory Keepers The Cinch Bindery Tool Version 2 is a pricey tool, but if your favorite scrapbooker is into making mini-books or handmade books, they will most likely appreciate this tool.


I am a big fan of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s doodling templates for The Crafter’s Workshop. I think my favorite might be the triangle template.


Washi tape is one of my favorite recent trends. It is so easy and fun to use. I really like Amy Tangerine Mixtape Washi Tape. The colors and designs are fabulous!


I am thinking about signing up for One Little Word from Ali Edwards and Big Picture Classes is a class. I have not taken it before and I haven’t chosen one little word before, but I think it might be a nice addition to my Project Life scrapbook.


Get it Scrapped is changing things up a bit and through December 31, you can get this awesome Crafty Scrapbooker e-book Bundle. After December 31, these e-books go away forever.


I am a big fan of Ali Edward’s Scrapbook on the Road online self-paced course. Read more of my experience using the methods I learned in this course here.


Scrapbook Workshop: The Best Techniques From Your Favorite Scrapbook Bloggers is an idea book edited by May Flaum. Read my review here.


I print most of my photos at Shutterfly. I think most scrapbookers would appreciate a Shutterfly Gift Certificate.


I think the Silhouette Cameo is by far the priciest item on this list. I don’t have one, but it is on my list of things I’ll buy when I become independently wealthy.


I use Tim Holt’z Design Ruler on almost every layout. An even better gift idea would be Tim’s Tool Time Kit


I can’t wait to get a hold of this book, The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt. It’s a novel designed as a scrapbook or a scrapbook designed as a novel. How cool!


I don’t need anymore paper and normally advise gift-givers to avoid giving paper to a scrapbooker, but this paper pad from Echo Park is a nice assortment of basic patterns and trendy colors. I think most scrapbookers would like this paper pad.


I use Adobe Lightroom to manage my digital photos and do basic editing. It is pricey, but they do offer a student/educator discount. Even at full price, I believe this software is worth it. (Ok, so this is the priciest item on the list.)


I have not yet used the Sew Ribbon Tool and Stencil from We R Memory Keepers, but have several versions of the tool on my Christmas wish list. I use ribbon on almost every layout so I am excited to see a tool to help me use ribbon in new ways.


I normally dislike chalk and chalkboards, but I really want one of these Chalkboard Speech Bubbles to use a prop in my photography.


Maybe the scrapbooker in your life is actually an industry worker, too! They might appreciate a copy of my e-book, The Scrapworthy Lives Guide to Market Research.


Time. Offer to watch the kids, cook dinner, do laundry, and so on so that the scrapbooker in your life can get an hour or two of uninterrupted scrapbooking time.

What scrapbooking items are on your holiday wish list? Join the conversation below by commenting!

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  • Mandy

    A gift certificate to the local scrapbook store, a gift certificate from Shutterfly, the organizers for paper/stickers that you blogged about and a Crop-o-Dile. And time would also be very appreciated :o)

  • Thanks for commenting. I would probably also add a photo printer. I have a non-working photo printer now and would like to make do without for a bit longer, but it would sure be nice.

  • A lot of good suggestions here. I already have about half the things on this list and they are all well-used. Thanks for the other ideas. I’m off to check them out and drop some hints to certain people, lol.

  • You’re welcome. Thanks for commenting! I hope your hints work! 🙂

  • Julie Aldridge

    Wonderful list! I got the Cameo as a gift, and it’s pretty cool. I recommend it, especially as a combined gift from people. Jennifer Wilson’s new book (available at Simple Scrapper) is amazing. I was shocked when I saw how thorough it was. It’s 80-something 1-2 page tutorials covering every scrapbook topic you can think of. Thanks for all your suggestions. I’ll bookmark or pin this page.

  • Thanks for commenting. I haven’t checked out her book yet, but it does look impressive.