My November Scrapbook Expenses

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The only thing I can say about my November expenses is yikes! Here’s what I bought:

Thus far, everything I purchased is for specific projects. I am going to be completing Project Life using my own supplies, but needed to make a couple of purchases to have all supplies on hand for the project. I had been planning to buy a Cinch at some point and opted to buy it now because it was on sale and I needed to bind my Memory Log Book. The other items are for a project I am going to be showcasing here on the blog. Let’s just say that project is inspired by fashion and I needed some (ok, a lot) of items to prepare for this project.

And then there was Black Friday. I filled my online shopping cart on Friday but didn’t make a purchase. I filled my cart again on Saturday and did not make a purchase. On Sunday, had 50% off Stampers Anonymous products. I splurged. I bought the items I had been eyeing from the previous two days and a bunch of stamps. I’ve mentioned on here that I’m not a stamper, right? You’d never know from the purchases I made this month. My total at came to $54.19.

I spent $352.68. In November. On scrapbooking.

This brings my monthly average up to $117.03. What this is teaching me is that I think I need to focus on more of a year-long budget rather than a monthly budget. There were a lot of deals I simply passed over on Black Friday/Cyber Monday because I had already spent so much in November. I think I am going to focus next year’s budget so that I can splurge on these sales without any regret next year.

In order to reign in my scrapbook spending, I did not renew my or membership. My subscription to Scrapbooks, Etc. is about to run out and I am not renewing it at this time. I do enjoy these products, but will have to hold off on renewing at this time.

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  • Oh I understand the subscription cutting. It can be hard sometimes!

  • Thanks for commenting. It’s the easiest expense to cut. I’ll probably resubscribe to most things later, but at least for now, it will have to wait.

  • Last year I bought my Big Shot on a Black Friday sale and love it!  There are great scrapbook deals that entire weekend that are hard to resist.  🙂  

    I am also waiting to renew my Paperclipping subscription and get any new subscriptions for a while to save money.  

    I blogged my November expenses and cut way back due to moving.