10 Ways to Use Found Items on Your Layouts

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Each month on the 10th, I participate in the 10 things blog hop from Shimelle.com.

The tag on the left is from a coffee cup sleeve. I added the ABC embellishment and ribbon. The ribbon was actually a found item, too.

This blue ribbon was part of the packaging from something...ribbon actually is part of a lot of packaging. I save it all.

Rip out the guts of an old hardcover book. Paint and use as the cover of your own creation.

I used tissue paper over a transparency on this page. The tissue paper gives it the white look.

The blue buttons on the right came from my daughter's pants. The green button on the top left came from my old winter coat.

The flowers on this page (and the ribbon) came from the bouquet the bridesmaids carried in this wedding.

I don't normally add money to my layouts, but a penny seemed appropriate for this layout.

The shells on this layout came from the beach I visited.

I can’t remember if this key is the key for the house we moved into or not, but keys are a nice addition to layouts.

I’m pretty sure these are sequins leftover from a crafting kit from when I was a kid.

That's blue fabric behind the photo. It was a sample from another project.

What are found items you have used on your layouts? Join the conversation below by commenting!

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  • Miriam Rogers

    A woman after my own heart. I reuse, recycle, up cycle just about anything I get my hands on. 
    I have used ribbon from chocolates and flowers, the cellophane from flowers, coins, wool, bits of string, a brown paper bag, fabric instead of card stock.. I am forever salvaging stuff. My son says I am a bin diver at heart!!! great post 

  • Great ideas! I always save the extra buttons and mix them into my collection. I’ve also used keys on layouts and leftover coins from my trip to Europe that I didn’t exchange.  Love the idea of ripping guts from the spiral notebook. I haven’t done that yet, but I”m pretty sure I will! 🙂

  • Photographing Mom

    Wow. Nice things you’ve done!!

  • Some very clever ideas, and you save money too, well except for the penny maybe 😀

  • Thanks for commenting! Yes, that is part of the goal…to save money!

  • Thanks for commenting and the compliment!

  • I’ve used foreign currency, too. And subway tokens. I thought of them as more souvenirs because I kept them to be used to remind myself of a specific trip. The penny is the only time I’ve used actual currency in any other way.

  • Thanks! Yes, it is almost a problem because now I just want to tear up old clothing and save the pieces that could be used on layouts. I can’t save it all, though. 🙂