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Welcome to A Happiness Blog Hop! This time around, our theme is Keep a Contented Heart. You should have arrived from Scraps & Sass.

My first post in this section of the book was Laugh Out Loud Scrapbooking. I recorded a story about my daughter’s Halloween costume and made the layout about that story to share with you today:

And yes, that fabric on the left-side of the layout came from her dress. The costume was really too short this year and very cheaply made. She had seams tearing a few minutes after getting dressed. I opted to keep the costume only to use pieces of it on the layouts for this story.

The story on this layout is funny to me, even if it isn’t too funny to you. When I told my daughter she would be dressing as Dorothy, she immediately went to Dorothy the Goldfish from Elmo’s World on Sesame Street. Even after seeing the costume she continued to refer to her costume as Dorothy the Goldfish.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Your next stop is Slice of Life.

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How do you keep a contented heart through scrapbooking? Join the conversation below by commenting!

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P.S. If you would like to join in for the last installment of A Happiness Blog Hop January 2, please contact me. Our last month is Boot Camp Perfect (basically, any happiness task from the book is fair game for this hop).

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  • kimberlee

    That is an adorable story and such a cute layout.  🙂  I love that you used the fabric.  

  • Thanks for commenting!

  • Funny how they get a thought in their head and just won’t let go! Shows that she was far more interested in Seasame Street at that point in her life! I love that you kept the fabric. Not only does it add texture to the layout, it deeepens the story. I love that! 🙂

  • Thanks for commenting. I knew she wouldn’t know Dorothy from Oz (too young for that), but had no idea how strongly she would latch onto the goldfish idea.