My Scrap Happy Project: July through December

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Each Monday, I discuss my Scrap Happy project based on The Happiness Project.

December’s theme is Boot Camp Perfect. Last week, I shared the posts for January through June. Today, I bring you the posts for July through December. Enjoy.

Does Spending Money on Scrapbooking Make You Happy?
Invest in Scrapbooking
Waiting for the Perfect Layout
What is something you would like to give up as it relates to scrapbooking?
A Happiness Blog Hop: Buy Some Happiness
Buying Some Happiness

Childhood Dreams
Lain Ehmann Talks about Guilt-Free Scrapbooking
Spiritual Masters
A Happiness Blog Hop: Contemplate the Heavens
Contemplate the Heavens Scrap Happy Blog Hop Links

A Passion for Scrapbooking
Learning Manual Mode on my DSLR
Can I Confidently Use Manual Mode on My DSLR?
A Happiness Blog Hop: Pursue a Passion
A Happiness Blog Hop: Links to Yesterday’s Participating Posts

Pay Attention
Examining the True Rules of Scrapbooking
Scrapbooking Stimulates the Mind
What Does Keeping a Food Diary Have to Do with Scrapbooking?
A Happiness Blog Hop: Pay Attention

Keep a Contented Heart and Just Scrapbook
Laugh Out Loud Scrapbooking
Good Scrapbook Etiquette
Positive Reviews of Scrapbook Layouts
Scrapbooking is my Refuge
A Happiness Blog Hop: keep a Contented Heart

My Scrap Happy Project: January through June

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