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Each Monday, I discuss my Scrap Happy project based on The Happiness Project.

Today is the last Happiness Blog Hop and last Scrap Happy post in this series. You should have arrived from Scraps & Sass. That makes me a bit sad. I’ve really enjoyed adapting the concepts from The Happiness Project to scrapbooking. I’ve learned a lot by going through this process.

I’ve also “met” a lot of really cool bloggers/scrapbookers along the way. I still can’t believe that other people have been interested enough in the topic to join in on a monthly blog hop. Thank you! It really means a lot. I do believe that this project will be revisited again at some point in the future, but for now, it comes to a close.

Through the madness of the holidays, I don’t have a layout that is really based on any of the themes from The Happiness Project. Instead, I’ll share with you one of the layouts I created last week about Christmas 2010:

The photos might not be the best, but I love how my daughter is in such awe of the Christmas trees. And that awe and wonder is still with her this year.

I’m writing this post on the first day of 2012 and today has been filled with finishing up projects from 2011 and clearing off my plate so to speak. I’ve backed up all my photos from 2011. I’m am this close to putting in my last photo order of 2011 photos (I have two photos I want to take tonight and then the order will be placed). I have cleared off my SD card for a fresh start in 2012. I emailed photos to my sister-in-law and father-in-law of photos from their recent visits. I finally finished up my Scrapbook on the Road from my August trip to Las Vegas. I only needed to add a title to my cover and sort through the remaining scraps to see if anything else needed to be included. I’ve prepped another Scrapbook on the Road for an upcoming trip. I worked a bit on my One Little Word project and plan to sit down with Project Life tonight. Today has been busy but productive. Finishing up projects and clearing off an SD card make me happy. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings.

Do you have any remaining projects from 2011? I still have some, but the most important projects are complete. Join the conversation below by commenting!

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  • Thank you for hosting this hop for so many months. I’ve really enjoyed participating and trying to apply some of these ideas to my scrapbooking  life. 🙂 

    Unfinished projects from 2011? Yes, a few. Most notably my Project Life that I haven’t worked on in months. I have all the photos taken and memorabilia saved, I just have to get photos printed and sit down and work on it. 

     Here’s to a fabulous and productive 2012!

  • Do you have a photo printer at home? I have a broken one and have a feeling that the lack of at-home printing is going to be a hold-up on my Project Life. I live in the middle of nowhere so I almost always have prints ordered and shipped to my house, which means I have to wait until I have enough prints to justify shipping (about once every 1-2 months). 

  • Thank you for coordinating this blog hop. I came into it late, but I have enjoyed my time with the concept. I wrapped up all of my 2011 projects the last few days, cleaned up the files on my laptop and am heading full-force into 2012. I don’t like having un-finished “stuff” hanging over my head. And if it’s not done yet? Well, odds are it’s never getting done. So I’m letting it go!

  • Thanks for participating! I like that: if it’s not done, just let it go! 

  • I loved this Happiness Blog Hop – thank you for including me & let me know if you have other blog hops planned.  And I do have some article ideas – and I’ll get them to you some time soon 🙂  I’m planning to do more with my improv-scrapbooking concept in 2012 (it was temporarily put on the back burner over the holidays).

  • Thanks for participating. I’ll keep you posted on upcoming hops. I’ll probably do some sort of hop again. I can’t wait to see what article ideas you have. I understand the holidays…lots of stuff accomplished, but a lot put on the backburner.

  • I love the colors of your layout.  So pretty.  It has been such fun and such an honor to be included along this journey.  I will miss it.  

    You have been so busy and gotten so much done already.  I’m impressed.  🙂  I am trying to do the photo-backup thing today and was excited to finally get one old hard drive running so I could free up some stuff that had been trapped.  Yay.  I found a ton of old digital scrap files that I laugh about now because they are so old and funky.  Ah, memories.  🙂

    Thanks again for the fun.  Keep me posted if you take on another topic.  I’d love to play along.  🙂

  • Thank you and I will keep you posted. I used Christmas money to buy an external hard drive so that was definitely motivation to get stuff backed up! I’m also about to go on a trip and my sd card was almost full…so I had a few motivating factors. 🙂

  • HelenH

    Can you get photos printed at your local drugstore? Like Walgreens. I use Kodak online and they have a local pickup option. It costs 15 cents or so, but I don’t print many, and there’s no postage.

  • There is only one place I can get prints in the town i live in and that is CVS. They are fine, but you have to have a $5 minimum to order online and pick-up in-store. There is a Walgreens about 10 minutes from where I work (in another town), and I use them for smaller orders, but it is not always convenient. I teach for a living and once summer break comes around I won’t be making that trip everyday. So, Walgreens works for now, but I’m not sure what I’ll do during the summer. Thanks for commenting!