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My Scrap Happy Project has come to a close. I’m a bit sad. I enjoyed reading The Happiness Project, applying the concepts to scrapbooking, and hosting a blog hop based on the content.

It is time for a new project. Of course, I am participating in other projects: Project Life, One Little Word, 10 on the Tenth, and the Color Combo Blog Hop.

I really wanted to adapt another book to scrapbooking but had difficulty finding something that worked as well as The Happiness Project. I’ve had a few suggestions and will gladly take more. I may use one of these suggestions in the future. Right now, it’s just not the right time for the suggestions I have received.

A few months ago as I was thinking about what would come next after I wrapped up The Happiness Project, I was browsing through the magazines while I was getting my oil changed and stumbled upon the September issue of Vogue. I’ve always loved fashion and fashion magazines despite all the problems with them being sexist, superficial, encouraging unrealistic expectations, and so on. I don’t actually subscribe to any fashion magazines anymore but remember fondly getting the September issue of Seventeen as a teen. I love the September issue of fashion magazines. They are deliciously thick and full of inspiration. Though, I’m not what you would really call fashionable or super-into name brands, I do enjoy thinking about the possibilities. And the possibilities of the September issue of Vogue include adapting the latest fashion trends to scrapbooking.

I had to go on Amazon and get a used copy of the September issue of Vogue as it was no longer available at the newsstand by the time this idea came to me. (I will be subscribing sometime before September so the 2012 issue will arrive at my door.)

And remember how I splurged on scrapbooking quite a bit in November? Well, it was in the name of this project. I spent roughly, $125 on adding some items to my stash to fully explore this challenge. I needed a few bright paints and inks, geometric templates, and animal print stamps, among other items.

Throughout 2012, I plan to share with you how I am adapting fashion trends to scrapbooking. I’m excited about this particular challenge. Would you like to join me? If there is enough interest, I’ll host a monthly blog hop on this topic. I will email you the trend and you will get to incorporate the trend right along with me. Email me at stephaniemedleyrath at gmail dot com if you would like to join in the Fashion! Blog Hop.

In the meantime, here is a little parting music from Glee.

Click here if the video doesn’t play here. I am having difficulties getting youtube to agree with me.

I’ve also started a Pinterest board devoted to fashion trends I’d like to incorporate into my scrapbooking. You can follow it and all my other boards here.

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  • Most certainly, the fashion industry is at the fore-front of design. Perhaps home decor is next. Chevrons are just becoming the hot thing in scrapbooking, but were last year’s ‘it’ pattern in home and I’m assuming were all the rage in fashion in late 2010. I think your series will definitely help scrapbookers get ahead of trends – very cool to think about! 

  • Once I started listing all the patterns/trends I was noticing, it was amazing to see how much of it is already in scrapbooking or at least available as stamps. At the same time, there were a few trends that have not made much of an appearance in scrapbooking, yet. I hope this is a fun series to do! Thanks for commenting.

  • Oh, this does sound like fun! Certainly, keep me on the list! 🙂 But I will say, it’s easy for me to write on the spot but I’m not so good at being creative on the spot.  Hence, no design teams or contests for me in all these years. But if I have enough notice and can fit it in to my precious few weekend hours, I may be able to crank something out. It will certainly be easier after I finally sell this house and move and get a creative space again.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • That’s why I’ve always been hesitant to join a design team or anything like that, too! Now, I just see it as a challenge. If it becomes a challenge that I hate, then I’ll cut it out. 🙂

  • Julie J

    That could be an interesting concept.  The grey/yellow combo was something I saw in scrapbooking before home design or clothing.
    Oh and that track – not a patch on the original, but it is difficult to improve on classic Bowie.

  • I love the original. I went with the Glee version because I liked the video better. I like the Bowie version a lot better. 🙂