Fashion!: Using Glitter on a Scrapbook Layout

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Each Monday, I share my latest layout illustrating a fashion trend from the September 2011 issue of Vogue.

Glitter is already quite popular among scrapbookers. Here’s an example of glitter in fashion:

If I were still 14, I would own that lip color and wear it once or twice. Today, not so much. Regardless, I wanted to not just add glitter to a layout, but be bold about it. Be really bold about it. Here’s what I came up with:

I most likely, will not use glitter this way again. It was a real pain. I used the Triangle Plaid Design template from The Crafter’s Workshop and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I love her designs! First, I traced the design onto my cardstock with a pencil. Then I covered each design with diamond glaze. Next, I added some Martha Stewart glitter. I did not have the right shade of yellow glitter, so I used stickles for the yellow.

It was difficult to keep the glitter and glue in the exact spots I needed it. I also had to allow drying time to complete this layout. For the most part, I like the layout. I like the concept. I don’t know that I will ever use this much glitter on layout again, but do like the idea of using glitter more boldly.

Do you use glitter on your scrapbook layouts? Comment below.

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  • I am enjoying the new Fashion series 🙂  I once wrote a blog post comparing how I shop for clothes and scrapbook supplies:
    I probably follow scrapbooking trends more than fashion trends these days, but I enjoy seeing how trends are interconnected.  

  • No glitter. Partly because I have a boy, and scrap mostly about him, and partly because glitter glue takes too long to dry and is a bit unreliable. The paper, although it holds the glitter, is too hard to cut.

  • I think I like stickles better than loose glitter (less messy), but I agree completely…it takes too long to dry. I don’t like to have to leave my layout to dry and then finish it later. I like to do it all at one time. Thanks for commenting.

  • Thank you. What has been neat is to see how many fashion trends are already a part of scrapbooking and how many are not.