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Well, today is the first Friday of February. Time to share my scrapbook expenses for January. The total is scary. Really scary. Like, I could have bought a Silhouette Cameo but didn’t scary.

I was got by photo printing ($46.26 after a $25 credit from Shutterfly). I struggle with whether photo printing should count or not. I am printing photos for eventual inclusion in a scrapbook. I know I would still print photos if I were not a scrapbooker, but I would print significantly fewer photos. Perhaps, I should only include a percentage of my photo printing spending in this budget to account for this?

I also took a trip at the beginning of the month. I like to buy items when I travel to include in the scrapbook for that trip. I ended up with several postcards, some stickers, and random office supplies, which added up to $33.30.

I’m running low (not out, but low) on adhesive. I used Creative Memories. I hate paying their shipping rates so put off this purchase until I have more stuff to order to beat the shipping. Well, Creative Memories ran a 25% off sale in the middle of the month, so it was time to get the basics I will need in the coming months. I ended up with several adhesive refills and a replacement blade for my paper trimmer. I replaced the trimmer with another brand this summer when the blade wore out so I would not have to keep ordering blade refills buy mail. I replaced the blades now because of the sale and the need for adhesive. I also have a use for an extra paper trimmer, so this was a necessary expense. My Creative Memories order was only $24.65 because I am also a member of their Rewards Club and had a credit that was applied to the order. (I joined because I had photobooks to order and earned back the joining cost with my first order.)

I was also seduced by the 60% retiring products from Technique Tuesday. I only bought a couple of stamps, but this accounted for $18.37.

I am taking a stamp carving class from Balzer Designs and have run out of my speedy-carve block. We still have to carve an alphabet set, photo, and probably something else, so I had to buy more for $16.39.

My biggest splurge was when I went to my local scrapbook stores. I suppose I should at least feel good about pumping money into my local economy and supporting a local scrapbook store. I spent $174.74. I suppose I could also blame Jennifer Wilson from Simple Scrapper for enabling me as we shopped together. She would find cool things I overlooked. And of course, I’ve bought exactly four sheets of pattern paper since I began this whole experiment last April, so it was time for a splurge on pattern paper. I also had a 40% off ribbon coupon from this store. I love ribbon. I had decided to refrain from purchasing ribbon to use up my stash, but there was no way I could pass up 40% off ribbon. The next day, I did use two sheets of the pattern paper and the punch I purchased the day before. My lesson here is that splurging is not a bad thing. Sometimes you need new things to jumpstart creativity. Seriously, check out this ribbon:

February probably won’t be much better. I will need to purchase prints for Take Twelve. Other than that, any more prints can wait until March. I’m taking a trip to St. Louis and may end up at Archiver’s. I get to an Archiver’s about once a year, so if I do get there, I will spend money. I’m good on adhesive and blade refills, but do need an additional pair of scissors for my Project Life basket. I’ll probably get s pair in February.

So, I definitely did not stick to my 2012. For those keeping track, I spent the amount I said should last me five months in 2012! Yikes! I may need to rethink the budget. Or maybe I need to rethink being so open and honest about it on here…Or I need to increase my visibility so I can just get free stuff from manufacturers. Yeah, that might be the way to go…

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  • I love the paper and ribbon 🙂  Yes, new items can help jump start our creativity.  

    I set a craft budget for myself so that I stay cognizant of my spending but I try not to feel guilty about the spending.  My spending tends to go in cycles.  It is fun to shop with other crafty friends.  

  • I suppose you are right. Setting a budget does keep you cognizant of your spending. That is probably more important than sticking to it (unless it means your power is going to get cut off because you spent all your money on scrapbooking of course). 🙂

  • Exactly!  I found that I spent more when I did a monthly stamp club with a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.  I agreed to spend $25 min each month for the club, but that did not include taxes and shipping.  It was sooo easy to spend more and then still want to shop at my LSS or Michael’s.  I learned a lot about stamping from the club though.  

  • I am already a little over my budget on my February spending, but I am happy to support my new local scrapbook store.  They have some fun stuff!  I’ll blog my expenses by early March.  I am also considering taking a class there this month.  

  • Oh well. That’s great you found an LSS to support!