Fashion!: Men’s Classic Bow Ties

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Each Monday, I share my latest layout illustrating a fashion trend from the September 2011 issue of Vogue.

The Inspiration:

The Interpretation:

I like using ribbon on my layouts. I usually just use it flat and run it across the layout like a border. I never tie bows…until today. Today, I attempted to emulate a men’s classic bow tie. As an added bonus, the ribbon has polka dots (another fashion trend that is emerging in scrapbooking).

Do you ever tie bows on your scrapbook layouts? Comment below.

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  • I am really bad at tying bows, so I often just run it flat across the page/card or tie a not.  I love the embellishments on your page!

  • I have never used bows on my scrapbook because they create bulk. I prefer my pages to be as flat as possible, for conservation reasons. Some people may think this is an extreme decision, but it is the way I prefer it.

  • Renee J.

    Great idea, Stephanie!  Oh, I have tied bows on cards before.  I love the idea of using fashion in scrapbooking!!  That is really cool!!

  • Thanks! I would have never considered tying a bow…at the very least, not this type of bow if I hadn’t been trying to incorporate fashion.

  • Haha. I usually just run the ribbon across a page. Bows are something new. I’m not sure if I’ll do this often. I do like this style of bow. It’s not all cutesy. I just am not a fan of cutesy on scrapbook pages. Thanks for commenting.

  • Mandy

    I usually just run the ribbon flat and then tie another piece onto it and knot it…so not exactly a bow. I did, however, just see a bowtie pattern/directions on Pinterest and I wonder if I could make them small enough for layouts. A lot of my friends make hairbows for their daughters and I’ve found myself looking at their bows and thinking…hmm…that’d look good on a layout :o)

  • Ooh, I hadn’t thought of doing bows like that before. I’d be afraid they’d be too bulky…I suppose they could be adapted and made flatter for an album. Thanks for commenting.