March Take Twelve

Month three of Take 12 is going well. I’m looking forward to a month where I have absolutely nothing planned on the 12th of the month, which looks like might happen in May. If you haven’t joined in yet, why don’t you give it a try April 12?

This month was a Monday and a work day. I realized at the end of the day that I took no photos of my husband. I suppose that is because I really wanted to focus on me and what I did that day. I only took a couple of photos of my daughter this time as well. Here the focus was on things about her that directly impacted me (like getting the call from her school that she had a fever as soon as I got out of class). I realized that I took no photos directly related to teaching. I only had one class and worked on my online classes. I think I didn’t want to risk doing anything that would violate my students’ privacy so I took no photos related to teaching.

Right now I am really focused on journal writing (not journal like scrapbookers think, but journal like academics think) and have been reading a lot of sociologically-focused books lately (which explains why I just finished up a book on quilting and am reading a book about meth before bedtime). I wanted to highlight my career-focused work this time around. I’ve rarely scrapbooked anything work-related before so this is new.


The photo at the top is a self-portrait and the photo of me near the bottom was taken by my three-year-old. She’s getting quite handy with the iPhone camera.

I’m having fun using Instagram. This time I opted to just use the Black & White filter. I wanted to be able to use any background papers this time, so B&W made that super-easy. I have learned that I prefer doing my Take Twelve layouts on a single page so I print out all my photos in 2×2 on two 5×7 sheets. Yes, it is a bit more costly, but the time-savings is worth it to me.

This is a bit closer-up on the journaling:

This time around I did not use the The Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit. Next month, I plan to use one of their prompts and take photos around the prompt.

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