My February and March Scrapbooking Expenses

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So much for $60 a month on scrapbook supplies. 2012 has not been good on the scrapbooking pocketbook. January was bad. Really bad. (And I placed an order of $57.14 at on January 31 after I published the January spending madness.) February was not much better:

  • $160.03 at Archiver’s (keep in mind I get to an Archiver’s about once a year)
  • $40.42 on another CHA-pre-order from
  • $3.18 on prints for Take Twelve Photo Challenge

February’s Total: $203.63

March was better:

March’s Total: $109.58

My monthly average since I started keeping track of this spending last April is up to $188.76. So it seems $60 a month is wishful thinking. Perhaps $100 a month is more realistic. What I do know is this: I must get back to minimalist scrapbooking for a bit. I need to get back to buying prints, adhesive, and tools as they need replaced and stop with the other stuff for the moment. 

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  • My spending has been up too.  I am using most of it but keep finding more things that I want to buy…  I liked that on PRT Molly said that she considers photos to be free.  🙂

  • I think I’ve been buying in anticipation of summer vacation when I will have more time to scrapbook. I have been good the last few weeks with spending. We’ll see what happens when CHA summer comes around. 🙂