Earth Day Blog Hop

Welcome to EcoScrapbook’s Earth Day Blog Hop! You should have arrived from Its Fun2Scrap. Be sure to check everyone’s posts out. I know Danielle (our lovely host at EcoScrapbook) has a giveaway and there might be another one along the way.

I wrote about ten ways to use found items a few months ago and thought that today I would show you how I might use a found item. I keep a basket of random found items to use on my layouts. Mostly, it includes pretty tissue paper, coffee cup sleeves, interesting tags off of clothing, and other random bits of packaging. (Yes, I am well aware of the cultural appropriation used in the found item I have selected for today. Read more about cultural appropriation here and here.)

I got this little booklet from Teavana and thought the weight and texture of the paper would be neat to use as the base of a mini-book.

Of course, since I am doing this project last minute, it is not finished. My daughter enjoys fishing at her Papa’s house. I have the photos from last summer printed and I already have a lot from this spring that need edited and printed. I decided to use some of these photos so that way she can easily look at photos of herself fishing anytime she wants. I will most likely finish the base and add 2-3 photos from last year, 2-3 from this year, and save a couple of pages for next year. Here’s what I have so far:

And in the spirit of being green, I have a canvas bag to giveway! Just tell me how you are green in your scrapbooking in the comments section for a chance to win! I will draw a winner on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at midnight (central standard time).

Thanks for stopping by! Next stop on the hop is Almost Never Clever.


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  • Lisainre

    ok, so there’s obviously more I could be doing to retrieve found items and use them. I have a few here and there but most of the time, I’m not “looking” at stuff that way. Your mini is a great example of looking more carefully. Thanks for the reminder. 

  • I toss most of it because if I saved everything with scrapbooking potential, I’d probably need to build another room on my house. 🙂 I’ve really only recently began saving more found items and it’s nice to have just a few of these random bits. I think if I had too many, none would get used. Thanks for commenting.

  • Julie J

    I collect stuff and then it builds up because I don’t have time to upcycle.  I also have problems with my Mom coming round and moaning and throwing stuff out.  Love seeing some of the  projects on the lessology website.
    Going off on a tangent, since you mentioned the cultural thing again, I did a post recently you may be interested in:

  • Julie Hollis

    I have a similar little basket of found items that I want to incorporate in to a project. Love the idea of using a pamphlet/product book as the base of a mini album. 

  • Cathy

    Very clever album idea.  My “green” scrapping is to use up my stash that I have on hand already… trying very hard not to buy any more.

  • I like to use ribbon from other items and also recently got a jar full of antique buttons that my mother had laying around.  Cardboard boxes are great for mixed media projects and layouts and I also like to use cereal boxes crafting and making embellishments. 

  • Nat

    Exactly – I like keeping items that have weight and texture to make them useful for a new project.  Great project!

  • Maineokie

    great ideas and the pix are cute! 

  • I’m loving your project so far! The colors go great together (one of my favorite color combos) and you are giving away such a cute bag! Thanks for joining in the blog hop!

  • Renee J.

    This is a great idea for a mini-book, Stephanie!  Oh, the pics are adorable, too!!

    I love using stuff from my stash….that is my fave eco-friendly tip!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • I try and use the odd label or tag in my scrapping too – in fact, I have that same America Retold label that you showed. 

  • Mandy

    I save ribbons off packaging, and either use the “extra” buttons that come with clothing or remove buttons if the article of clothing is no longer fit for use.  I have used some greeting cards if the picture (or part of the picture) catches my eye. Sometimes it’s hard to be in that mindset of “what else could I use this for.” Sometimes I’m really good, others, not so much.

  • Tabitha

    Super cute mini book. I like to use packaging in my scrap booking or card making.

  • I haven’t heard of the lessology website. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for commenting.

  • Thanks!

  • Good for you! I’m a big proponent of using up your stash!

  • I use ribbon from random items, too. My ribbon ends up in my ribbon jars. 

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • How funny! I liked the shape so I kept it for scrapbooking. 

  • I pull buttons off, too. Having a small child gives me lots of cute clothing pieces to take a part for scrapbooks. Thanks for commenting.

  • Thanks!