My April Scrapbook Expenses

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Each month I share how much I spent on scrapbooking as part of my Minimalist Scrapbooking challenge.

April was a good month in terms of scrapbook shopping and scrapbook doing. I only spent $19.47 this month. This brings my monthly average down to $171.84. I’m still working on bringing this down to $100 a month.

Here’s where my money went:

  • $3.94 for prints at Walgreens for Take Twelve
  • $15.53 at Michaels: I bought a glue stick (I was out) and splurged on a Martha Stewart all-over the page butterfly punch (40% off)

I am quite pleased with myself. Not only did I reduce my scrapbook spending in April, I actually spent quite a bit of time scrapbooking. Our weekends have been emptier the past few weeks so I was actually able to get some regular scrapbooking complete. I even worked on One Little Word this weekend. In May, I anticipate purchasing prints. I haven’t ordered prints in a couple of months so I have a bit of a backlog. Even if I don’t regularly scrapbook, I like to stay on top of getting prints made.

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  • I spent about $56.11 in April and still want to spend a little less each month.  I should also look at my monthly average.  I plan to keep May low spending since I have less time for crafts right now.  

    I am interested in seeing how you organize and utilize your scrapbook space this summer.  I am crafting at my kitchen table for now.  Some days I think about scrapbooking, but I don’t want to pull out all of my supplies and have to clean them up later…  For me, at least having a dedicated desk/table helps.  

  • I tend to scrapbook standing up, so I know I need to figure out something a bit different in my scrapbook states. The space has hardwood floors, and it is hard on my body to stand in the space. The table I use is very tiny, really too small to use and too low to sit and scrapbook. I think my scrapbook purchases in the coming weeks are going to be an anti-fatigue mat and maybe a kitchen cart (that I can scrapbook on. That will increase my spending, but I think these items are definitely needed. We’ll see what happens…Thanks for commenting!