My May Scrapbook Expenses

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On the first Friday of each month, I report my scrapbooking expenses in my quest to achieve Minimalist Scrapbooking.

Here’s where my scrapbook dollars went in May:

  • $44.10 at my local scrapbook store
  • $1 on a postcard of Colorado from an antique store (to use in a scrapbook for our upcoming trip to Colorado)
  • $1 on postcards from our trip to Iowa
  • $4 at Target on paper tape (maybe it will work as washi tape?)
  • $15 at Michael’s on some Jolee’s Boutique French General collection
  • $3.50 at Walgreens for prints
  • $160 on a kitchen cart for my scrapbook space

Grand total: $228.60

The kitchen cart really busted my budget, but it was necessary. I like to stand when I scrapbook and needed a taller surface. I also needed to increase my scrapbooking surface. My monthly purchases inched up to an average of $176.99. 

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  • Rhonda HH

    I wasn’t sure where to leave my comment regarding journaling, so I’m leaving it here, on your most current blog post. 
    Journaling used to be a problem for me, since I was so photo, embellishment and design- oriented. (Degree in Graphic Design, go figure!) Since inheriting my deceased Mother’s scrapbooks, and taking part in some of Stacy Julian’s classes on Big Picture Classes, I am now prone to consider my journaling earlier in the process, and often times, first. I will type out what I want to say on the computer (whether or not I will be handwriting it.) I so wish I knew more about what my Mom was feeling while making her scrap books, that it has prompted me to be more intentional with my words. As a matter of fact, I wrote a whole page of journaling on my scrapbooking “philosophy”, using Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story…” radio program as a starting point for communicating my intentions. I haven’t “scrapped” that page full of type yet, but I will, and hopefully it will convey what I hope the viewers of my work will take with them. I am more satisfied with my scrappy efforts now that there is more story on most of my pages, although, I do find that I am more selective about who I let see my books.


    PS, I cited you and your blog over on the Big Picture Classes “TWELVE” class message board. There was a discussion about scrapbooking being a “literary art.” You had written about the ‘”narrative” aspect of scrapbooking, so I noted that. What do you think?

  • Thanks for commenting. Here is a good a place as any. I do think about the journaling as I create pages and I leave space, I just am doing better at doing them separately anymore. I’m not quite sure why. And thanks for the shout out at Big Picture. I would agree that scrapbooking is a literary art. I believe scrapbooking is a narrative, even if there are no words. So even a photo album without any words would still be a narrative. I think scrapbooking definitely expands our understanding of what a narrative is.