June’s Take Twelve

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There is no way I am going to get my layout finished until later next week, so my apologies for only sharing my photos.

My temporary office.

A drink of water after Spanish school.

Sushi with a good friend.


The car ride home.

Me on the drive home. (Not actually driving when I took the photo.)

Finally watched it. Disappointing (and I had low expectations). What a waste to split into two movies.

Searching flights.

Playing Zoodles.

Dinner outside.

Riding her backyard bike after dinner.


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  • Great mix of photos!  I knew that Wednesday was going to be a crazy day for me at work, so I did not Take 12 this month.  I’ll try again in July.  🙂

  • And my day started out with a kid who couldn’t decide if she was really sick and needed to stay home of if she was well enough to go to school. She had a cough (no other symptoms) and decided she didn’t want to have to go back to bed if we stayed home (we had to get up earlier than usual to get to this school–really a summer camp situation). Thanks for commenting!