A Week in the Life: July 16-22

I’ve decided that in two weeks (July 16-22) I will complete a Week in the Life. That gives me a week to prepare a base of an album for the project and a bit of time before my semester begins to pull the album together.

Last year, I built a base for my Week in the Life album ahead of time. My goal last year was to record 3-5 things each day. (Read more about A Simplified Week in the Life). I plan to do the same this year.

Last year I used Instagram and my iPod Touch (read more here). This year I have upgraded to an iPhone and plan on using that for my camera. I think I am going to stick with Instagram to filter the photos. I might experiment with some of the other phone apps during the week.

I will make sure I have at least one full page available for journaling each day. I did this part of the time last year, but learned I should have made sure I had a full page for each day for journaling (read more here).

Once my album was complete, I thought about making each day a theme or focusing on a theme for the week the next time I did this project. I’ve decided I like random much better.

Mark your calendars for July 16-22 if you would like to join in the fun. Next week, I’ll preview my base for my Week in the Life album.

Do you do Week in the Life? Do you plan to join me in two weeks? Comment below.

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  • Renee J.

    I would love to, Stephanie!!  It sounds like fun!  Let’s stay in touch.

  •  Great! It so much more fun when other people join in, too!

  • Renee J.

     Yes, I am looking forward to it!!