My Favorite Week in the Life Photos So Far…

Choosing the week of CHA as the same week for Week in the Life was not ideal, but I still have a lot of photos and memories I’ve been recording. Here are a few of my favorites from the week:

Sorry the last photo looks weird. I had major issues trying to get it from iPhone to WordPress and this is the best I could do after several attempts.

Are you doing week in the life? How is it going? It’s not too late to join in, start today and do a weekend in the life! Comment below.

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  • Renee J.

    Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!  Nice pics!!  Oh, as I mentioned on Twitter, I wish I had taken more pics earlier in the week.  I am going take more this weekend, though!!  Oh, I even took a pic. of your tweet to me in my @mentions.  It was right next to my daughter’s anniversary wish to us.  I thought that was pretty cool!!

  • Cool! I take photos of what I’m working on on my computer quite a bit, for this type of project.

  • Renee J.