Selling the Shopping Experience

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Direct sellers and brick and mortar industry workers feel the competition from online retailers. The internet makes it much easier for customers to find what they are looking for, but at the same time means they may begin staying home more to do their shopping.

Offline industry workers counter online shopping by emphasizing the advantages of purchasing offline instead of online, such as being able to see and touch an item before committing to buying it. Scrapbookers, however, emphasize price. Most likely, this difference is because most of the industry workers in this study were selling products that, for the most part, could be purchased for less money elsewhere. These industry workers worked at selling more than just merchandise—they are selling a pleasant shopping experience. They were and are selling a third space.

Next week, I will discuss the scrapbook shopping experience.

Do you scrapbook shop based on price, shopping experience, or some combination of the two? Join the conversation below or on facebook.

Photo by Sara Grafton. Sara can be found at 1200 Some Miles@SaraGrafton on Twitter and on Pinterest.

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  • Renee J.

    Thank you for sharing you points of view, Stephanie. Not only is the competition felt by those that sell; I believe there is competition from the customers view as well ie: where do I get the best price for the items I want and which source is the most convenient-to name just a couple.

    Sara, thank you for sharing your goodies. Nice photo!

  • I think I shop mostly on experience anymore. Price matters, but I spend so little time actually shopping in stores that go more with experience now.

  • The items pictured were purchased from a local scrapbook store where I enjoy browsing. I only planned to purchase the paper and one stamp set. After seeing the sets in person, I could not narrow it down. In this case, I bought more since I could see the items in person. I have used both stamp sets and part of the collection pack, so I am glad that I purchased more than originally planned. 🙂

  • That’s great you’ve used both sets already! Sometimes stuff I buy sits and sits before I figure out how to use it.