A Giveaway from Big Picture Classes

Did you hear that Ella Publishing is now part of Big Picture Classes? As a member of Ella Publshing’s Take Twelve team, I get to host a giveaway for Picture Color from Big Picture Classes as part of the announcement.

Here is the class description for Picture Color:

What better way to capture the world around us than in living color? No matter what time of year it is, color takes center stage and we can’t help but focus on the bright and beautiful hues that inspire our daily lives.

Through this 30-day photo centric celebration, Picture Color will encourage you to turn your lens toward the colors that delight you most. With daily email prompts delivered right to your inbox, you will be greeted and inspired by a myriad of colorful shades to awaken your senses and your inner-artist as your camera clicks color after vibrant color!

Just leave a comment by Friday, September 7 at midnight Central Standard Time and I’ll pick a winner.

*Affiliates were used in this post.

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  • Connie

    Would love to take part in this class!

  • Congratulations in the merger, if that’s what happened. Would be nice to take that class 🙂

  • I loved Simple Scrapbooks magazine and am happy to see that team reforming. I have an increasing interest in photography and would love to take some photography classes. Thank you for the chance to win!