My July Scrapbooking Expenses

Once a month I report my scrapbooking expenses in an effort to make myself accountable and motivate msyelf to use the scrapbook supplies I already have as part of Minimalist Scrapbooking.

I’ve been a bit busy with work and have been a bit neglectful with the blog. Here are my July expenses:

  • I spent $57.45 at my local scrapbook store.
  • I spent $25.06 at a big box craft store.
  • I spent $21.00 at Lowe’s for peg board and accessories for mys scrap space.
  • I spent $3.67 on prints.

Grand total for July: $107.18, which is still higher than I would like, but lower than June’s spending.

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  • My craft spending is sporadic. I did not spend anything in July, but I spent $73.54 in August. I have also found it tough to find time and energy to blog at the beginning a new semester.

  • I’ve been rather neglectful of the blog,but I did manage to scrapbook some last weekend. Last night I began selecting photos to order and browsed all the lovelies from CHA in my photos. I was tempted to go place an order, but I think I need to scrapbook more before placing anymore product orders. There will always be more lovelies.

  • Yep, after following the scrapbooking industry for a while, I realized that there will always be something new and lovely coming out. So far, I don’t have a need to keep up with the latest and greatest, so it is good to use my stash.