Scrapbook Shopping While on Vacation

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A few respondents shop at local scrapbook stores while vacationing. A major reason people do this is because those stores might have something their store back home does not carry.

Scrapbook shopping while on vacation is an underdeveloped aspect of my research.

Anecdotely, I can report that it was common to get customers who were traveling. Some were local travelers, but others were international travelers. I remember one man customer who came in with a list of things his wife wanted him to buy for her while he was in the states. They lived in Australia and she learned about new products from the scrapbook magazines.

I have also been contacted by international readers at Scrapbook Update about the struggles getting scrapbook supplies where they live. Those who are able to travel to the States, then might be more likely to shop for scrapbook supplies while they are here.

Personally, I sometimes visit stores when I travel, but I usually do buy postcards, patches, and other odds and ends to use in my scrapbook for that trip.

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  • Renee J.

    I love shopping at Scrapbook stores when I travel; it’s great seeing what these other stores have. Also, when you really love scrapbooking, it travels with you wherever you go!!

  • Always! I don’t have an LSS. But there’s one at our favorite beach. And I make an annual Archivers trip when we take my son to baseball camp. I don’t buy travel themed stuff. I just use it as an opportunity to see products in person for a change.

  • My friend in Australia get her husband to bring back her scrapbooking stuff on business trips to the US it saves on postage for her

  • Would that be funny if it were the same person! Is shipping still really high? Is availability of the stuff in magazines still really limited in Australia? I thought it was getting at least a little bit better.

  • I don’t always shop when I travel, but I do try to get to an LSS or Archivers if time allows. I like seeing the stuff in person. I also like to see how different LSS are set up. You can kind of gauge what people in the area might be scrapbooking based on the product carried in the store. The researcher in me loves making those observations.

  • Yes, and as far as shopping goes when traveling, it doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase!

  • That would be funny!

    You know how Amy Tan mentioned her Spotlight stores tour? Well, apart from Dear Lizzy and some AC ribbon, I’ve only ever seen Kaiser Kraft, Christina Re and Bella Chic in the craft stores. Well Spotlight is the only craft chain we have. It is not that great, at least in Perth. A set of nestabilities dies is $40 at our LSS. Oh and the LSS has some Tim Holtz/Ranger stuff, lots of Kaiser, Martha Stewart punches and some Cuttlebug folders. The rest is all unbranded. Honestly it was better in Kalgoorlie! (35 000 vs 2million in Perth)

  • How frustrating! Thanks for your insight.

  • I’ve hit Archivers a few times while in St.L, but that’s it. Store-wise, it’s not something I seek out. I do, however, pick up some of the things you listed above, like postcards, patches. I’m a big fan of the flattened penny :o)

  • I have only done it on day trips, and I try to purchase something to support the store. I particularly remember that they gave my son stickers at one store, which kept him entertained for a while. This post reminds me that I want to check out some other stores in my area that are about 30-60 minutes away.

  • Have fun exploring new stores!

  • I think there is less need to go to actual scrapbook stores when traveling because it is easier to buy stuff online than it once was. I still like to do it. Thanks for commenting.