For Kids or Not For Kids?

I’ve argued elsewhere that scrapbooking is for the scrapbooker first and only secondarily for family if at all. But then there is this pesky mixed-message that I hear mostly from industry-workers: it doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re kids are not going to care if its perfect, just happy that the family’s memories are scrapbooked. Thoughts?

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  • Nat

    I’ve thought a lot about why I scrapbook. When it comes down to it, it’s for me and it’s my hobby. Yes, something useful comes from it, but that’s really a byproduct. Maybe we talk about the purpose of keeping memories so others can see them as a justification for spending so much time and effort on it? I mean, what if my hobby were hunting? Sure, one could eat the spoils, but it’s really about the hobby and not the byproduct.

  • There was an episode from The Daily Digi that was focused on guilt and I had respondents who worked in the industry talk about encouraging potential scrapbookers by talking about how kids will just be happy it’s done. I’m not sure if this is what scrapbookers actually believe or if this is really about trying to get more people who think it is all about the kids to scrapbook.

  • Rhonda H

    I don’t mean to sound wishy-washy, but for me it is both memory-keeping for my family, and a creative outlet for me. I have an only child (and a fairly small family,) and I want him to have a connection to his past. I want him to be able to understand some of the circumstances and dynamics that make him who he is. I also like presenting that invaluable family history in a creative way that supports the story.

  • I don’t think it’s wishy washy. 🙂 I think it indicates that sometimes it’s one thing and sometimes it’s something else. And then sometimes it’s both. I’m really just trying to wrap my head around this mixed-message from the industry. Thanks for commenting.