September Scrapbooking Expenses

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I spent a whopping $7.22 on scrapbooking in September. I even managed to scrapbook quite a bit this month. One thing I definitely have noticed is that when I am actually scrapbooking, I tend not to buy too much except bigger ticket items. This month, I only spent money on prints. That’s it. This brings my monthly average down to $138.66.

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  • Rhonda H

    $7.22! That is amazing. I don’t think I have spent less than $40/month on scrapbooking supplies since I started in 2002. I need to try to do a “ZERO MONTH”, just to see if I can. ( With the ridiculous stash I have, I could probably do a “ZERO YEAR.”) Good for you. You are brave to keep up with your scrap spending, and even more brave to post it. Have a great weekend. Use that stash!

  • Danielle Hunter

    Good for you! I have to agree with Rhonda, you are brave to keep track and share your spending. I’ve lost track on mine, but don’t spend too much anyway. I originally wasn’t planning on buying any extra supplies at the start of the year, however, I’ve made wish choices in the things I’ve purchased.

  • Thanks. I am getting a bit tired of keeping track, but I think I’ll keep it up at least through the year. It has done it’s main purpose, which is to make me more aware of my scrapbook spending and focus more on purchases that are needs rather than wants.

  • Thanks. Yes, part of my goal is to use what’s in my stash and not letting new purchases get in the way.