Winner of the Seat in The Art of Composition

Congratulations, Lucie! Lucie is the winner of the seat in The Art of Composition. I have sent you an email, Lucie!


The Art of Composition

12 weeks of capturing compelling images taught by Tracey Clark

Starts 1/3/2013 $99 for standard version, $299 premium version

Class Description

Are you ready to see a dramatic improvement in your photographs? Tracey Clark, professional photographer and founder of Shutter Sisters, kicks off our 2013 4Experts series with The Art of Composition, a 12-week journey into one of the most important fundamentals of photography-namely, composition.

No matter what kind of photography you enjoy, The Art of Composition will change how you look at the world around you while teaching you about line, shadow, shape, focus, negative space, balance, color and more!

This highly sought-after class is back again in two versions:

  • Our Standard version, the original class that delighted hundreds of students during its first run, is open for unlimited enrollment. You’ll enjoy all of Tracey’s original content (weekly lessons, video instruction, rich imagery, creative exercises, and challenges), plus access to a rich and vibrant community of fellow classmates.
  • The Premium version, which has a limited number of seats, includes all of the features listed above, plus personal coaching and real-time interaction from Tracey.
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