Rule #2: Appropriate Tools

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Appropriate materials refer to both archival quality of the items in the scrapbook and also, appropriate tools. For example, industry workers try to sell new scrapbookers a paper trimmer to cut photos and paper with. Scissors, which most people already own, would work, but they are not as precise as a paper trimmer for cutting straight lines. In other words, scrapbookers “need” a special tool in order to scrapbook.

Scrapbook stores often sell what they refer to as a “basics kit,” which includes those tools that these industry workers find to be indispensible: a paper trimmer, adhesive, a pen, scissors, and a paper piercer. The basics kit arose because there are so many tools that can be used in scrapbooking that to present all of the options at once is thought to be overwhelming to the customer new to the craft. For example, a simple search on Google for “scrapbook tool” returns 12.7 million results.

Are there appropriate tools for scrapbooking? Does anyone really need to purchase any special tools for scrapbooking?

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  • I do not cut straight, but I can be a perfectionist. This means that a good paper trimmer increases my enjoyment of scrapbooking! Since becoming a scrapbooker, I believe in investing in some good tools for your hobbies.

  • mom2h

    You don’t HAVE to purchase special tools to scrapbook, but if you plan to do very much, there are certain tools that will help increase ease, accuracy and speed. I think one is more likely to actually engage in scrapbooking when there is less stress, frustration and a better feeling about your finished product. Then after the basic tools, you may want some tools to add variety to your pages. Tools such as shape punches, foam adhesive squares, sewing templates, paper piercers, etc….can help you add visual interest.

  • I definitely like straight lines from my paper trimmer. I also like my sticker letters to be straight and centered, so I am a big fan of the Tim Holtz ruler.

  • Good point. The tools can make it easier and faster. If I had to make the same cuts with scissors that I can make with a paper trimmer, I may have dropped out of this hobby long ago. Or, I’d have mad scissor skills. 🙂

  • JulieJ

    All you really need is scissors, glue and a journalling pen – but i wouldn’t be without my paper trimmer. i have a little tote with my basic kit, which are things I use for most pages – glue, glue dots, dimension dots, scissors, distress ink and applicator, bone folder, stick for rub ons, basic sewing ket, double sided tape, journal pen and there’s space in there for some mists, stickles, diamond glaze and I keep a pin stuck in the seam to unblock nozzles!

  • Thanks for commenting. I love my glue dots. I don’t use diamond glaze that often, but agree that a variety of glue dots is handy.