Children Don’t Follow the Rules of Scrapbooking

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Industry workers believe that the reason they had few scrapbookers who are not adults is because children and teenagers are not scrapbooking “in the safe way” (i.e., following the “rules” by using archival materials) yet. It could be that children and teenagers simply do not have the economic resources to scrapbook using supplies from a specialized retailer and instead rely on obtaining their materials as birthday gifts or as an extra purchase from Wal-Mart® while their parents shop for necessities. My sample only includes adults, reflecting the lack of youth who shop at specialized scrapbook stores. Younger scrapbookers are also not in my sample because it could be that very few young people are actually scrapbooking. Other scholars note that as people age, they use objects to demonstrate their social history (Wallendorf and Arnould 1988). Though unlikely, it could be that younger people simply are not scrapbooking because of their much shorter social history compared to adults.

What do you think? Are children and teenagers scrapbooking? Are they scrapbooking in the “safe way”? Does their lack of visibilty reflect lack of financial resources to put towards scrapbooking? 


Wallendorf, Melanie and Eric J. Arnould. 1988. “ ‘My Favorite Things’: A Cross-Cultural Inquiry into Object Attachment, Possessiveness, and Social Linkage.” Journal of Consumer Research 14(4):531-47.

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  • When I was a teenager, I made a couple of scrapbooks using my photos, markers, and some clippings from magazines. Even though it was not archival, one of the books has held up well. Back then, I did not know that separate scrapbooking products existed. For me, it took a large event (my wedding) to seek out information about scrapbooking. I am not sure about teenagers now though.

  • Thanks for commenting. I gave a smash book to our sitter and I know she uses. She definitely doesn’t use it like I do. She cuts things from magazines, for example. I did give her a bunch of my older scrapbook supplies so it will be interesting to see what she does with those. I think that it is easier to get scrapbook supplies today (hello, wal-mart) so there probably are more teenages scrapbooking in “the safe way” than in the past, but I also think there are probably teenagers doing whatever they want like we did in the past before scrapbook supplies were so easy to get.